Granny Takes A Trip

Karen at, asked me to write a piece for her blog (an honour, as I’ve been following her for a long time!) I wrote about my Gold Gucci shoes, obviously. Here’s a slightly updated version for you here…

There have been many times in my life where I have lusted after a particular item of clothing. I think it all started when I was 9 and I saw a purple crushed velvet puff ball skirt on a stall at Farnborough market (this was the 80’s. We all bought cheap clothes off of the market in those days, don’t judge me) I begged my mum for weeks to buy it, she finally caved after about a month of pleading, whining and promising to not be an arse. It was worth it as I loved that skirt with my whole heart.

These days I have to buy my own clothes and my tastes are unfortunately a lot more expensive than the local market. I’m happy with high street on the whole but every so often there’s something more high-end that I HAVE to HAVE RIGHT NOW! I was struck by this all-encompassing need a few months ago when I saw these beautiesGucci Gold shoes

It took me a whole 2 weeks to justify buying them to myself, which for an impulse buyer like me is the equivilant to about a year for regular shoppers,  but as I’ve said before, if you are going to spend a lot of money on something designer, make it shoes or a handbag as you’ll never get too fat for shoes or handbags.

I mean, just look at them, why would anyone NOT want a pair of Granny shoes that look like they’ve come out of a Christmas Cracker? They elevate any outfit. When you wear them you feel like the Queen Mother on acid. You can’t stop looking at your feet. Other people can’t stop looking at your feet. Men will not understand them, but other women will go insane with shoe envy (and that’s what really counts isn’t it?)

If you are also a fan of the gold mid block heel Granny shoe, but not a fan of the expense of Gucci, then obviously the high street has got wind of this trend and there are few decent options out there.

Office has the best copies I think, check these.. image

Dune also have a ‘homage’ in a more bronze colourimage

Good old Topshop has these babiesimage

River Island have come up trumps with theseimage

Topshop again have done a version in a boot style for those of you that way inclined…image

In summary, I bloody love these Gold Gucci shoes with my whole heart. Perhaps even more that I loved that 80s crushed velvet Puff ball skirt.

I *may* have just bought them in red too, but let’s keep that between us for now as I can’t really justify that yet, but I will, oh yes, I will, as soon as I get home from holiday and start selling my life on eBay again! I also REALLY want these ones after seeing Karen bought them, there really are no alternatives to these beauties on the high street! image


P.S. For anyone reading this born after the 1980s, Here’s Princess Diana in a classic example of a puff ball skirt. Isn’t it wonderful?image

K x

5 thoughts on “Granny Takes A Trip

  1. Great blog…I have the Office looky-likeys and I must admit I LOVE them! And you are right…They are definitely a shoe understood by women and not men! Are you going to buy the higher herl red ones? I think i’d be tempted ☺. Seriously thinking of getting the Topshop boot version but in burgundy. .. Hmmmmm. .. Happy to chat about shoes all day long! Enjoy the rest of your holiday…Love reading your posts. X

    1. I’m going to stick with the lower heel as I just don’t wear high heels at all these days! Never really mastered walking in them so I’ve pretty much given up and I spend my cash on flats (or thereabouts) thanks for reading and commenting! Xx

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