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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

6 Outfits to wear right now

Just 6 outfits to wear right now. Maybe use this post to inspire your clothes choices this week. That’s why I’ve done it really, purely for my own benefit. It is my blog after all and I wanted to try to work out a new way to wear a few of the things I have. I should precede this with ‘you might still need your thermal vest’, as we all know that March can be a tricky bastard when it comes to the weather. One day you’re thinking about the big wardrobe switchover and mothballing your puffer jackets, and the next you’re reaching for the hat, scarf and gloves once more. Don’t turn the heating on though: right now, it really would be cheaper to put on a jumper. Even a brand new one. 


I got all excited when I saw that Carhartt are still selling (or maybe have relaunched) these classic jeans. I literally wore mine to death in the mid to late 90s. It was the era of ‘sports metal’ back then, at least amongst the people I hung out with. We listened to the Deftones, Limp Bizkit and Korn. I worked at a heavy metal record company, got questionable tattoos (now, after 22 years, they are getting slowly removed) and wore only these jeans. Sometimes I wore them with oversized sweatshirts, but equally I wore them in the evening to the ‘Rock’ night at the Astoria with my Vivienne Westwood corset top and a chain wallet (remember those?). I’m not quite sure of the exact look I was going for, and thankfully there is no photographic evidence but, at the time, I loved it.

Alas, I optimistically ordered these in a 29, but they were too small. So they went back to be replaced by a larger size. We shall see if I can recreate that 90s feeling. I think I’ll stop short of drinking vodka with a lemon Hooch mixer though. That was never a good idea. 

6 outfits to wear right now

1. & Other Stories relaxed fit T Shirt 

2. Tusting mini Cardington leather bag 

3. Ganni balloon sleeve sweatshirt 

4. Carhartt WIP Pierce carpenter jeans 

5. Adidas Forum mid trainers 


Leather trousers are one of those items that I think everyone should own. If you select a casual but classic style they can last you for years and years. Steer clear of anything too tight. As we’ve mentioned before, tight leather is no one’s friend. Unless you’re Liz McDonald or Suzi Quatro, but even then it’s debatable. Admittedly, their wear is sometimes limited to certain times of the year. I find leather trousers too cold to wear in winter and too sweaty to wear in the summer, so March, April, September and October are the months they come into their own. I’m going to dig mine out this week and wear with a sweatshirt and blazer for that smart/casual crossover vibe. 

6 outfits to wear right now

1. Mango masculine style blazer 

2. H&M printed sweatshirt 

3. Hush leather joggers 

4. H&M jacquard weave tote bag 

5. Axel Arigato white trainers (use code KATE15 for 15% off) 


I wore this outfit twice this week, just because the colours of the Hush cardigan made me feel good for at least five minutes. I think I might do a ‘bright colours’ blog next week. Although I will always love black, there is something cheering about wearing bolder and brighter clothes every so often. I treated myself to these Genevieve Sweeney cashmere socks for my birthday a few months ago. They are like a little warm hug for your feet. 

6 outfits to wear right now

1. Hush Mischa contrast cuff cardigan 

2. Cos blue and white stripe top 

3. M&S straight leg high waist jeans 

4. Genevieve Sweeney cashmere socks 

5. New Balance WS237 trainers


A trench is the coat version of the leather trousers. It’s a classic and will never go out of style, so buy right and you only need to buy once, but the weather has to be not too hot, not too cold, just right. It’s what I would call a ‘Goldilocks’ item. See also backless loafers of any kind and thin jumpers that you can’t wear a T‑shirt under.

6 outfits to wear right now

1. & Other Stories classic trench coat 

2. Bella Freud Peace & Love T Shirt for War Child charity 

3. & Other Stories patch pocket rib cardigan 

4. Arket barrel leg cotton chinos 

5. Nike Air Max pre day trainers 


We’ve established on more than one occasion that I’m a big fan of anything navy. It’s a colour that just always makes me feel smarter and more put together. This Sezane jumper is on my hit list for spring – they do really great knitwear and this one works perfectly for layering over your H&M blue shirt. H&M do a version of this shirt every single year. It’s lightweight cotton so works great in the summer with shorts too, or even on the beach as a cover up.

Remember when we had a need for that? Oh, how I long for a hot beach holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve very much enjoyed holidaying in this country over the past two years but I seriously miss that feeling of sitting in the sun all day long and then having a packet of Lays and warm wine on a hotel balcony after a shower but before dinner. When that day does come, I will be wearing my blue H&M shirt and ‘those’ Topshop shorts. 

6 outfits to wear right now

1. H&M Cotton Linen blue stripe shirt 

2. Sezane Lucas merino wool jumper 

3. Arket cotton linen coat 

4. Cos pleated linen trousers 

5. & Other Stories chunky tassel loafers 


Now that I have a dog, white jeans are always a risk. See also toddlers. But for times when I am away from him I do love the look of them. I might dig mine out this week and wear with one of my (too many) khaki green jackets. If you’re a fan of Madewell, they now deliver to the UK and claim to include all taxes and fees in the delivery cost. 

6 outfits to wear right now

1. Madewell khaki colour block robe jacket 

2. Madewell canvas carryall tote bag 

3. Liberty fabric personalised sweatshirt 

4. Cos tapered leg high rise jeans 

5. Veja Roraima high top trainers

Thanks for reading as ever. back next week with some joyful bright colours.

K x

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