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Erborian Super BB, BB and CC cream

This post is sponsored by Erborian. If you’re a long-time reader you will know how much of a fan I am of this brand. They’ve recently launched a new product in their skincare/makeup hybrid range in the form of the Super BB Cream. More on that later, but I’ve also finally found out what the difference is between CC, BB and Super BB. It’s a whole lot simpler than I thought and I feel a bit of a fool for not working it out sooner. I should mention right now that my code KATE20 gives you 20% OFF ALL FULL-SIZE PRODUCTS (sheet masks excluded) on the SPACENK website until March 22nd.

It’s basically about the coverage you get. So let’ have a look…

  • CC CREAM: This is your lightest coverage. It adjusts to your skin tone, to even out your complexion and correct the appearance of minor imperfections. If you are looking for a product that basically makes your skin look better without feeling like you are wearing makeup, then this one is for you. Enriched with powerful ingredients, the Erborian CC Cream is a complexion-perfecting formula that combines skincare and makeup in one tube. It also has an SPF of 25 and comes in three shades. I use Clair in all of these products, by the way, as I am pasty-faced at the best of times.

to show you the different texture between the creams. Top is CC Cream, Middle is BB Cream and bottom is the Super BB Cream.
  • BB CREAM: This has medium, more buildable coverage with a velvety, ultra-soft matte finish. It gives you all the benefits of skincare, balanced with perfecting makeup. The Erborian BB Cream has an SPF of 20 and contains ginseng that helps to firm the skin, as well as liquorice and ginger which act as anti-inflammatories, helping to protect the skin against free radicals. Not to be confused with one-hit wonders The New Radicals. That song ‘You Get What You Give’ still makes it on to my playlists.

    Before and after using the Erborian Super BB. It gives a full coverage without feeling too cakey.
  • SUPER BB CREAM: This is the newest addition to the Erborian family. As ever, it’s half skincare, half makeup, but it’s a full coverage, boosted to camouflage and clear imperfections without feeling caked on. It provides more coverage than the original BB Cream so it conceals imperfections, redness and dark spots. The Super BB combines two Korean super-ingredients, white ginseng and fermented ginseng flower, and in order to visibly reduce imperfections it has been enriched with niacinamide, a powerful active ingredient for clearer skin. It comes in five shades.

So there you have it. I mostly still use the CC Cream for everyday but, in these winter months when my skin needs a bit more coverage, I go for BB or Super BB if I want a more ‘made-up’ look for the evening.

Use code KATE20 for your 20% off  all Erborian products until March 22nd from SPACE NK here. (sheet masks excluded) 

K x

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