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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

5 things I have learned — Getting Dressed

More than just about getting dressed, but a few things I have learned about clothes and generally wearing them. I admit I have far too many clothes, but the thrill of finding the perfect item that is just so ‘you’ is hard to beat. By the same token not everything that’s in fashion will work for you. I really wanted to be someone who could wear big ruffles, but for some reason, even though I find it impossible to buy hats as my actual head is so large, ruffles make me look like a pin-head. Anyway, let’s move on with what I have learned, a lot of this might be like teaching grandmother to suck eggs, but humour me…


Not matching, not sexy, just the right undercrackers for the right outfit. I mentioned in a previous post that I only got fitted for a bra for the first time last year! This has changed my life foundation-garment wise. A good bra gives you a better shape, better posture and in the long-run may even help with the dreaded Spaniels Ears droop. Underpants too, I have always shuddered at the the thought of a thong, so these days a favour a full brief. I don’t want VPL or any fear about arse crack cleavage. Don’t fear a support pant either. Maybe not for every-day use as they are not the most comfortable, but a high waist suck-it-all-in makes a big difference with a more fitted going-out dress. Control top tights are also a boon, and those vests from M&S that you have to step into as they won’t go over your boobs.


Chances are if you are you know your faults and you know your best features. I have a real ‘mum tum’, I know I should do more Pilates and eat less cheese, but at the moment, I just don’t want to so I have worked out what to wear to hide it. Control pants help, but as noted they are not for everyday. Higher waisted jeans with a non-fitted top however, work a treat. (that outfit above would also be perfect!) I don’t do body-con in any shape or form. Thighs are also an issue, so black is always flattering, as are wide leg trousers. I know it’s easy to get sucked into the latest trend, but some things just don’t suit everyone. I’d love to wear things that cinch in at the waist, but I have no waist. I also love red lipstick but that too, has eluded me. I think my mouth is too small to pull it off, that’s part of my shape too I suppose.


On those days when you just can’t be bothered to think about it, or when you’re having a bad hair/fat/miserable git kind of a day, you need you fail-safe outfit. One that makes you feel good, that you just don’t have to think about. Mine is usually all black everything, black skinny jeans, black rock tee, black jumper, black biker jacket and black studded boots. It’s fairly boring but it’s pretty flattering (it’s true that black makes you look slimmer) and I feel totes comfortable in this look. Another good one is a dress. Dresses are easy as it’s just one item of clothing, throw it on and you are good to go. People think you’ve made an effort if you wear a dress, it’s the perfect deception.

My fail-safe outfit…


I’ve said it so many times before, but if you have good shoes, you feel good, you look better. You could be wearing all over Primark but if you’ve got a great pair of shoes on you will look expensive. Plus, you never get too fat or too old for shoes, so with care and attention they should last for years. Most designers have signature style of shoe that they do every season, so if you are going to bite the bullet and throw down some serious cash, do it on something that never goes out of style, The Chloe boot, the Gucci Loafer, The Valentino Stud, even the Adidas Stan Smith, the Vans Old Skool and the Russell and Bromley Brogue. Bags also fall into this category, but to a lesser extent as there are a lot of great bags on the high street that look classic and luxe without being too spendy. That’s not to say I don’t still really what that Gucci Marmont handbag though!


This would be the most important lesson I have learned. If I dressed how my husband likes, I would either be in cycling gear or in some buttoned-up Amish number (luckily he doesn’t really care what I wear, and rarely comments either way) Wear whatever the hell you want, when you want. Don’t save things for best, once you’ve worn that fancy jacket to the party, don’t leave it lingering at the back of the wardrobe, wear it to Lidl, you love it and you will feel good. I also can’t be doing with deciding what to wear the day or week before. How do you know how you’re going to feel when you wake up? I often have an vague idea of what I would like to wear, but then end up in something completely different because I’ve just spied something in the depths of the wardrobe that I just FEEL like wearing, Enjoy your clothes.

These are not rules, they are just musings, are they any things you have learned about getting dressed?

k x

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