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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Marks and Spencer

We Heart Marks and Sparks (again)

This is just a very quick public service announcement post. From today, Feb 16th — Monday Feb 20th there is 20% off all clothes, shoes, and beauty things at Marks and Spencer with this code: FB6F35. I am not being paid by M&S (much as I would like to be) I just have to walk through it every day to get to work, so I feel a kinship with its stay-press slacks and large underpants.

Marks and Spencer

M&S has upped its game somewhat over the past year or so, Even, dare I say it, Per Una. I know I have chastised them heavily in the past and they still have tendency to add an embellishment where none is called for. What do we want? A paisley skirt with a lace edge and handkerchief hemline, when do we want it?


But, credit, where it’s due, they’ve scaled it back, added some more classic items. I really like those red cropped wide legged trousers, yes, I still have a fear of the Per Una section, but I’m beginning to come to terms with it and step out of my comfort zone. Just watch out for those crazy loud prints. I’ve always been a fan of the Limited Collection though, they do have some gems that pop up, and they sell out quick, so you don’t have to worry too much at being stood at Earls court Tube Station next to lady twice your age wearing the exact same outfit. Yes, that happened to me once. I think I was most annoyed that she was rocking the look better than I was.

Anyway, I’ve had a quick peruse of the rails and come up with some quality items to use your 20% discount on:

Shoes and bags too! Just step away from the Footglove, you are not dead yet, although saying that, if I can go into Per Una, I’m probably only a year or so away from a comfy shoe from Footglove.

Also, let’s not forget their beauty department. It’s got a great selection of brands. Pixi Tonic is a must and the Rosie make-up range is very very similar to Charlotte Tilbury products. Check out Trinny doing a full comparison of the 2 here. I love Trinny by the way, always have. I don’t always agree with her penchant for a Gilet, but her face looks amazing.

Happy Shopping

k x

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