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My Top 7 Beauty Pie Products

This post is sponsored by Beauty Pie. If, like me, you are a member then you can skip to the recommendations, if you are not signed up yet. I will give you a little but about Beauty Pie to bring you up to speed. I should say at this point that if you you do sign up you can use the code UNBOXBEAUTYPIE to get £10 off your annual PLUS membership.

Beauty Pie is essentially a members club for beauty and wellness. It was founded by beauty and skincare entrepreneur, Marcia Kilgore, who wanted to give beauty addicts access to shop for products from the world’s best labs, direct, without paying the typical (and ridiculous) industry retail markups.

Buying a membership gives you access to ‘insider prices’, so you can treat yourself, take care of your skin, and use really great products without feeling guilty. You can get high-performance skincare, luxury quality makeup, scientific haircare, amazing deluxe bodycare, French scented candles and fragrances, plus gorgeous makeup brushes, accessories and the best nutritional supplements. Everything is created and edited by Marcia and her team, and sourced from the same elite labs — in Switzerland, Japan, the USA, UK, South Korea, Italy, Germany and France –as most of the mainstream luxury beauty and wellness brands.

It was SO HARD to limit my choices to just seven, and if I had done this in the summer, some would have been different (the fake tan is excellent) as is the SPF30 lip balm which is a must for me in the sun. Everyone will have their own favourites, so I’m sure you can recommend some to me too, but here are my current top products.


If you’ve never used Retinol before, it really helps with anti aging and refining pores, then the winter is good time to start as they can make your skin more susceptible to the sun so you should use SPF after you apply during the day time (or the next day if you apply at night). I tend to only use this at night. I use the 3% retinol serum and then use my regular night cream over the top, but if you are big retinol fan you could go for the booster serum which is a bit more potent.


Beauty Pie nail polishes are just simply excellent. I am allergic to all kinds of gel polishes, which is annoying, and very much a first world problem, so I have become somewhat of an expert on regular at-home nail polish that lasts. I’ve tried many and the Beauty Pie ones come up very high on my list. They are easy to apply, dry quickly, give and even all-over colour and most importantly THEY STAY ON AND RARELY CHIP. This is the most important quality for me when it comes to polish. My favourite colours are ‘Le Milk’ for a very light pink and ‘Riot Act Red’ for a classic (but not too harsh) red.


I’ve tried a few Beauty Pie scented candles and they are all good quality. My test for this is if you can get a smell of it in the room before it’s even been lit. You’d be surprised how many expensive scented candles don’t pass this test. The ‘Clean House’ scent is my top favourite one because it really does make the house smell cleaner and fresher. Which, I can assure you with 3 giant men, a dog and a cat living in it, it most certainly is not.


I keep this Wonder Scrub face polish in the shower and use it twice a week to help brighten my skin up a bit. Unlike those old gravelling exfoliators we used when we were teenagers, it doesn’t feel like you’re rubbing gritty sandpaper all over your face, it’s very fine and really gives you a glow. It adds that extra layer of clean we all want a couple of times a week.


This isn’t really like your regular setting powder, I don’t know how they do it, but the One Power Wonder just makes your face look better (that’s the technical term for it obviously). For me, it helps most by minimising the shine on my oily face, I use the matte version, but it also helps to set make-up and minimize those pesky pores without the usual ‘cakey’ look that powder can give.


To be honest I haven’t tried ALL of the Beauty Pie supplements yet but I’ve just ordered a few more to try so I will keep you posted. The ones I have tried and that I recommend are the Super Gut and the Daily Magnesium. Super Gut is packed with good bacteria to help with all things digestion related. For me, it’s really helped with bloating. Magnesium I bought because I heard it is good for peri menopause and sleep. Definitely worth a try if you struggle.


If you’ve been around for a while, you will know that my neck is my main body issue. It’s a waddle, a wattle, a sag, a crepe, you name it, I feel it. Short of a full neck lift, nothing is going to get me to the profile I want in my head, but things like this Uber Youth neck and chest serum spray can certainly help a bit. It targets the neck and chest texture and I can attest that it works. the crepey-ness has definitely improved and the fact this is a spray serum means it’s so much easier to use on the neck and chest than a cream that you have to rub in, you just spray and go.

Don’t forget you need the membership to get the good prices. Try a free trial and use the code UNBOXBEAUTYPIE to get £10 off your annual PLUS membership.

K x

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