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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


Really all I want for Christmas is for this godforsaken virus to fuck off. Excuse the language. As that’s not going to happen by Dec 25th, the other thing I would like is for the new garden fence to be fitted and to find someone who can build me a wardrobe in the space where the pointless CDs now reside in my bedroom. I’m aware that this is quite a niche Xmas gift list so I’ve picked out some other, more generalised, things that I wouldnt’ turn away from under the tree.

Note, most of these things are just pure escapism, and some are so far out of my price range it’s not even funny. Having said that, there’s a few practical items and I’m very keen on a decent hob/oven casserole dish. Dull? maybe, useful?, Yes

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