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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Amazon Fashion & your last minute gift guide

This post is sponsored by Amazon Fashion. I don’t know about you but, for me, Amazon has been a bit of a last-minute saviour on many occasions with its huge selection of day-to-day items that you regularly run out of. Hello, next-day delivery of cat food, sticky-back plastic and nasal spray, and that was just last week! But Amazon is also a place to check out for fashion, with a dedicated area for both big and small brands. I didn’t actually realise that Amazon Fashion can act as a marketplace for smaller designers, but it is a VAST site and navigating it can be tricky, so for this post I’ve selected a few of my favourite pieces. You may be looking for last-minute gifts at this stage so I’ve tried to pick items that are available on Prime, but sometimes only certain sizes qualify, so don’t get too cross with me if they aren’t ALL available for next-day delivery!



I mean, really. These are things that I’d probably be looking at for myself, but I’m dressing it up as a gift guide so I don’t seem like the selfish shopper that I actually am. I really like the look of this ruffle denim blouse and you can’t beat a good pair of black Levi’s jeans.

1. s.Oliver wool blend teddy coat 
2. s.Oliver ruffled blue blouse 
3. Meraki cotton stripe jumper 
4. Levis 312 shaping slim jeans 
5. Ted Baker Lilliana leather boots 


Because why not? I bought my Carhartt orange beanie from here last year and it was my most-worn hat of last winter on dog walks as it’s the hat equivalent of wearing a high-vis vest. There’s a wealth of colours available, so you don’t have to go orange, but I am also keen on this Hugo orange puffer coat. It looks like the perfect coat to brighten up the bleak midwinter. Also, I’ve found my favourite (only) pair of leggings from Spanx on Amazon AND they are cheaper than anywhere else.

1. Carhartt unisex beanie hat 
2. Ulla Popken nordic style sweater 
3. Hugo full length puffer coat 
4. Spanx ‘Look At Me Now’ leggings 
5. Dr Martens 1460 leather boots 


There are two items here that I have bought for my husband. I won’t say which two in case he’s reading. He isn’t reading, I can guarantee that, but just in case we need to attempt to retain an air of mystery at Christmas. I also bought him an excellent parka from Amazon Fashion last year, or was it the year before? I forget, but it’s this one and he’s got a LOT of wear out of it.

1. Carhartt two tone beanie hat
2. Benetton striped wool sweater 
3. Carhartt Mens parka coat 
4. Levis 511 slim fit jeans
5. Joules mens short wellies 


If in doubt, get them some socks, a pair of gloves or slippers. If you’re feeling flush, then the BEST slippers ever are the shearling Boston Birkenstocks, obviously. Other brands are available of course, but I love these so much.

1. Birkenstock Boston shearling clogs 
2. Winter warm leather touchscreen gloves 
3. Happy socks mens gift box 
4. Dr Martens rainbow laces 
5. Citizen Leather strap watch 
6. Xrten crystal embellished hairband 
7. Leave me alone tote bag 


Moving away from fashion just for this section but, for gifts, beauty is sometimes a safer option. On my list this year for Christmas or birthday is a ‘proper’ towelling dressing gown. Not a flimsy number or a big, fluffy, leopard-print thing like the one I currently have which makes me sweat as soon as I put it on, but a good Egyptian cotton one like you get in a hotel. I had to include these hair bands as they are great and come in a pack of 60 which, as anyone with long hair will tell you, is perfect as I probably lose them at a rate of three a week.

1. Westlane Linens Egyptian cotton towelling bathrobe
2. GHD platinum styler and hair dryer set 
3. 60 seamless thick hair elastics 
4. BaByliss Airstyle 4 in 1 Hair styler
5. Bodylife double layered shower caps 


I thought this would be a good time to do a small section on the things from Amazon I get most frequently asked to link on Instagram. These include a dog bed that Thomas Frank has NOT managed to destroy (that is quite something, let me tell you), the lambswool insoles that I swear by every winter, a sweater shaver and a sweater comb. I veer more towards the comb these days as you don’t have to charge it! And a phone ring – this one is great, it sticks fast to your phone and makes me much less likely to drop it AND it also acts as a stand. Much better than a PopSocket, in my opinion. Looks cooler too.

1.  Falke merino wool/cotton blend tights 
2. Acana 20 moth killer sachets 
3. Morphy Richard upright garment steamer 
4. Dexter Beds soft & tough washable dog bed 
5. Lambacraft lambswool insoles 
6. Lambicall phone ring holder/stand
7. Chef Aid sweater and fabric comb 

I hope this was a tiny bit useful. Prime away my friends!

K x

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