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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Christmas Day Outfit Ideas

Are you looking for some Christmas Day outfit ideas? I hope so, as that’s what I’m writing about today. Which clothing camp are you in? Are you gussied up in all your finery and sipping a sweet sherry by the fireside before breakfast is even served? Or are you someone who won’t get out of bed until lunch, and the thought of getting dressed doesn’t even enter your head? I’d say I’m somewhere between the two, although I should add that I will ALWAYS get dressed. Unless I’m at death’s door, I firmly believe that putting on some clothes makes me feel better. I can’t abide a whole day in pyjamas.

What I’ve tried to do this week is find a selection of outfit ideas that work specifically for being at home on Christmas Day. Therefore there will be no sequins – too noisy and, frankly, not comfortable for falling asleep in after lunch whilst still wearing the paper cracker hat. There will also be no heels, as who wears heels at home? We need comfort when basting the turkey for the 74th time. I say ‘we’. I’m hoping we will be at my parents’ house this year after a hiatus last time, so Mother will be in charge of the turkey again.

I’ve also tried to pick things that are not just for one day but can be worn anytime during the winter. No silly chiffon sleeves or anything that’s going to end up getting caught dipping in the gravy boat when you lean over for an extra helping of pigs in blankets. And there are no bags and coats this week because we don’t wear them inside our houses, do we?


What kind of dress is that, you may ask. The answer is, almost inevitably, ‘a corduroy one’, of course. Other fabrics are available. But think warm, think cosy, think winter, yet also kind of festive, especially if you have one in a dark green or red. My favourite in green is this one from Beulah, and Justine Tabak has recently launched a whole range in red to celebrate 5 years in business. Just don’t go for Red and Green together. Unless you want to look like an Elf.

What to wear on Christmas Day

1. Cefinn Daphne fluted cotton corduroy dress 
2. SVP Fortuna blue sunstone gold adjustable ring
3. Pascale Monvoisin rose gold, diamond and bakelite ring 
4. Beulah Indira green corduroy dress 
5. M&S velvet quilted ballet pumps 


I chanced upon this NRBY jumpsuit last week in real life when I found myself walking past their little shop in Belgravia. It’s VELVET! But it’s also super soft and the colour is even more beautiful in the flesh. I know I REALLY don’t need another jumpsuit but I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I went back this week and bought it. It also comes with a belt if you’d like more shape, or you can go loose so there is more room for mint Matchmakers or an entire wheel of baked Camembert. I think you could also rock this on a daily basis with a pair of white trainers and a long puffer coat. Who says velvet is just for Christmas?

What to wear on Christmas Day

1. NRBY pip navy velvet jumpsuit 
2. Liberty 9ct gold moon and stars sapphire ring 
3. Liberty moonphase mother-of-pearl leather strap watch 
4. Kurt Geiger green velvet embellished loafers 


I do love a spot of colourful knitwear at this time of the year, but I don’t like 100% acrylic Christmas jumpers that are only for comedy value and shouldn’t be anywhere near a naked flame. Apart from the Ikea one we scored for the younger teen earlier this week. It’s actually so kitsch that it’s cool. I prefer more of a Fair Isle/Nordic kind of vibe. Again, something you can wear all winter but is also festive enough for Christmas Day. Wear with your fanciest trainers for comfort and cool.

What to wear on Christmas Day

1. Jumper 1234 grey cashmere rick rack jumper
2. Hush Reese fairisle jumper 
3. M&S funnel neck fair isle jumper
4. Cos navy corduroy straight fit trousers
5. Golden Goose superstar glitter trainers 


So, you could wear your sequins here – it’s really only me that has an issue with the noise and the comfort factor. If you go for glitter, then this green one from Hush comes highly recommended by those that bought it when I featured it a couple of weeks ago on the ‘going out out’ post. But if you ARE like me and have a problem with wearing sequins, maybe look for something with a metallic finish, some velvet or even tulle, although tulle could have the same scratchy factor even with your 100 deniers. Either way, pair it with some really cosy cashmere, but make sure you have a lighter top underneath. 

What to wear on Christmas Day

1. John Lewis cashmere roll neck sweater 
2. Sobelle jewellery vintage diamond and sapphire ring
3. Boden Adriana puff sleeve top 
4. Hush Finnae shimmer pleated skirt 
5. Boden Vanessa bow flat shoes 


This section is for those of you who usually wear your PJs all day. If pure comfort is your thing, maybe swap out the winceyette nightie for a bit of elevated loungewear. ME+EM, Hush and NRBY do this best in my opinion; it’s cosy, but it can also be worn outside the house any other time without looking like you just couldn’t be arsed. Quite the opposite, in fact. I had to include this Boden stripe bow top as it’s just so cute for Christmas.

What to wear on Christmas Day

1. Boden Imogen bow breton stripe top 
2. Louise Wade Jewellery Bowie flash ring 
3. Monsoon Vera black velvet joggers 
4. ME + EM Tailored side stripe track pants 
5. Laines London heart embellished faux fur slippers 


Just because we love a dress, and if you can’t wear your nice dress on Christmas Day, when can you?  There are also some really good fancy flats around right now that work so well with mid and maxi dresses. These leopard ones from Office are my favourite and would work just as well with jeans and a jumper on any other day. I’m always thinking about wearability for you! I really can’t be doing with buying something that only works for one occasion.

What to wear on Christmas Day

1. ME + EM velour drawstring maxi dress 
2. Lulu beaded barrette hair clip 
3. By Iris gold Freya dress
4. Office leopard soft square toe Mary Jane flats
5. Asos bow pointed ballet flats 

Thanks for reading, I hope this have give you some good Christmas day dressing ideas.

K x

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