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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

What I’m Wearing

As I’m still away in Canada, I haven’t had the time to put together one of my usual posts this week. But I thought I would focus on something simple. Basically what I have bought, and been wearing, recently. Apologies there are not so many pretty pictures this time, just a few thoughts and all the items you have seen before on the blog.

As I write a post every week, I spend a fair amount of time checking out the shops and websites to get inspiration and to find items I love in order to put together the outfit combinations. Many of you ‘complain’ that I am bad for your wallet as you end up buying some of the clothes I write about.  Take this and multiply it by 20 and you get how I feel! I try very hard NOT to buy things I write about but sometimes the urge is just too much. So, with that in mind I thought I would show you what I have bought over the last 6 weeks or so and how I intend to wear over the coming months.


wearing Ganni dress

A repeat offender as I also have in red, but I was drawn to the blue version too as it’s so flattering for the stomach area (more on that soon, I promise I’ll do that post on how to dress a Mum tum, I just need more time to research). I also think I will wear this colour more in the autumn with a long sleeved black top underneath or a navy sweatshirt over the top. I bought this J Crew one while I’ve been in Canada as the prices are better over here.


wearing asos denim mini

It’s not really that mini as I got the ‘Tall’ version. Always a good tip for skirts if you want a longer length. This skirt fits like a dream. Perfect length and a nice high waist to hold everything in. I will wear it with a chunky black sweater, 100 deniers and chunky boots come Autumn. Talking of chunky boots, I see M&S have done a ‘homage’ to my Givenchy’s (sort of, without the studs) I really like the oxblood version.  I think they will also go well with this M&S dress that I have just ordered (whoops).


wearing nike air max

I’ve featured these a few times recently, and they were (and I think still are) on sale for half price, so it was too hard to resist. I love them, they are obviously THE most comfortable trainers but I also think they are cool and go with tons of stuff. In the winter I will wear with a fancy sock and ankle length navy trousers. Right now I’m wearing them with pretty much everything. Including my Favourite Cos Boilersuit — which is in and out of stock all the time.

Nike Air Max Trainers — a classic 


wearing ganni sweatshirt

Ganni again, sorry. I know it’s not cheap, but I couldn’t resist. I bought mine in Liberty, so at least I got some Reward card points. It’s a snug fit but works perfectly with anything high waisted. I’ve bought 2 pairs of jeans since I’ve been in Vancouver. Very reserved for me really, but the exchange rate isn’t as good as it used to be. I got these high waisted wide legs from Madewell and a pair of Levi’s ‘wedgie’ jeans. Bad name but a very good fit. I can see why others have said they are their favourite jeans. Both of these will go perfectly with the Ganni sweat. The Jeans I’m wearing in this photo are the River Island ‘Casey’ Jeans — still on sale for only £12 now!

Normal service will be resumed next week. Hopefully all the shoddy end of sales, sales will be done by then and we can get to thinking of shiny new things for Autumn!

K x

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