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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

The Summer Accessories Edit

Welcome to the summer accessories edit. Although it’s not really tied to this season, but think more straw hats than balaclavas. I do try to include a few accessories every week in the regular Sunday posts, but why not have a little midweek post just to highlight a few things I’ve found? I’ve included my favourite pants and bras too: not officially accessories, I know, but I thought they deserved a place of their own here.
No bags or shoes, though: we’ll save them for another time. I’m talking more about a nice bit of jewellery, some sunglasses, a few belts and a smattering of scarves. Quite a few of you have asked me about my Loewe belt and whether it’s worth the money. That is, of course, subjective. BUT in terms of how often I’ve worn it so far (I’m going for 20+ times in the past 5 months), then I’m saying yes, it’s worth it for me. Plus it’s reversible, so that’s a 2‑for‑1 deal. In terms of sizing, I got a size 85, and I’m size 10–12.


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