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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

The Best High Street Jeans

Well when I say ‘The Best’, what I really mean is ‘My Favourite High Street Jeans that I actually own and can therefore recommend personally’ but that wouldn’t make for a snappy blog title now would it? Before you read on, I must tell you that most of these jeans are quite similar in style. I very much favour a straight leg style, ideally cropped or rolled at the ankle. Some of them are high waist, some are mid-rise. there will be nothing low-rise as it’s not 1997 and you aren’t Britney Spears. There will be no really baggy ones as it’s not 1990 and you’re not in the Stone Roses. There will be one skinny pair, but they will black. Everyone still needs a pair of black skinnies in their jeans drawer. I was going to include a white pair, but it seems that Uniqlo don’t do the ones I have anymore and those were the only white jeans I could confidently recommend. 

I do have some designer jeans. If you are wanting to drop some serious cash on jeans, then I would say that Rag and Bone, Paige and Stella McCartney are my favourites. Although I recently bought these ones from Raey that I love. I mostly buy on sale or scour The Outnet for deals when I’m after some fancy denim, and I tend to put a limit of £150 for jeans. I just can’t bring myself to spend more than that. For the purposes of this blog I’m going to focus on the high street jeans that are all under £100.


I still don’t know how to say the name of this label and I guess it’s not technically High Street as I think they only sell online, BUT I love these boyfriend jeans from Baukjen. I would put them more as ‘Girlfriend’ jeans as they aren’t hugely baggy, but they have a looser tapered fit and a really good stretch. Slightly cropped but with room to add a rolled hem. I favour a rolled hem, you need it to show off your cool hiking boots. These come in at the very top end of the ‘less than £100 budget’ at £99 but are basically the perfect pair of everyday jeans. 

high street jenas baukjen
  1. John Lewis and Partners Chunky Cashmere Jumper 
  2. Carloe London Edie Box Bag
  3. River Island Cream Long Line Coat 
  4. Baukjen Boyfriend Jeans 
  5. Diemme Leopard Print Calf Hair Boots 


If you’re after something a bit more fitted and with less stretch then you should check out the Uniqlo Straight Leg jeans. They are quite high-waisted and tend to come up big. I went down a waist size with mine. Always something guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself. They are ankle length again. In fact all of these jeans are ankle length. I don’t think anyone wears full length jeans anymore do they? We need a slither of ankle to make our fugly trainers look better. By the way this ugly trainer trend is going nowhere for next season. ALL the brands are doing it now.

High Street Jeans Uniqlo
  1. The White Company Cashmere Blend Bobble Hat 
  2. J Crew Pointelle Crew Neck Jumper (on sale)
  3. Uniqlo High Rise Straight Leg Jeans 
  4. Top Shop Super Soft Borg Coat 
  5. Puma Rs‑x Trophy Trainers 


If you’re in the market for a decent pair of black skinny jeans without a big price tag then the Jamie by Top Shop is a good bet. Loads of stretch and a higher waist, so good for holding you in nicely. I still reach for my skinny black jeans when I can’t think of anything to wear. If in doubt, wear all black with a pointy boot. It was my default look as a Suburban Goth and one I will never grow out of. I have luckily grown out of shaving the sides of my head and wearing purple mascara…

high Street Jeans Topshop Jamie
  1. French Connection Black and White High Neck Jumper 
  2. All Saints Avia Puffer Jacket 
  3. Top Shop Washed Black Jamie Jeans 
  4. A.P.C. Eddy Logo-print Tote Bag 
  5. Steve Madden Pointed Leather Chelsea Boots 


I’ve mentioned these Levi Jeans before on more that one occasion. Don’t let the name put you off, they are very flattering on the old buttocks and really don’t make you look like you have a wedgie. Word of warning, they start off tight, like ‘I can’t breathe’ kind of tight, but after about 2 wears they ease up and sort of mould to your shape. Stiff denim and a high waist that acts like a corset for those of you, like me, who suffer from a dough belly. I love them in spring with a simple grey sweatshirt and plain white trainers. 

high street jeans levis wedgie
  1. A.P.C Logo print sweatshirt 
  2. A.P.C. Betty Cross Body Bag 
  3. Levis Wedgie Straight Leg Jeans 
  4. Warehouse Checked Trench Coat
  5. Seven Feet Apart Original 172 Trainers


One of my favourite ever High Street Jeans are a pair I bought in H&M about 4 years ago. They were from the Conscious Collection, mid waist, raw hem, tapered leg, and just the best fitting jeans ever. Now, typically they don’t seem to make that exact pair anymore. Which is annoying as mine are starting to fall apart due to being worn so often. These ones seem to be the closest version they have in store now, and are less than £20! worth a punt. Can’t advise you on size as I always used to size up in H&M, but now they’ve changed their sizing you might be OK going with your regular. 

High Street Jeans HM
  1. Weekday Alana Hooded Sweatshirt 
  2. H&M Straight High Ankle Jeans 
  3. Gucci Nylon Web Double G Belt 
  4. Find Double Breasted Black Coat h
  5. John Lewis & Partners Flatform Trainers

That’s all for this week. It’s been a good week. In fact January hasn’t been at all bad this year. 2019 is looking up. Plus did I mention I met Bros?

K x

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