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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Super Studded Boots

This week I’ve broken out my studded boots. They are not really a summer item, so it’s another reason to appreciate the coming of Autumn. I always get so many comments on these boots, so I thought I’d do a quick post to let you know where to get some of your own.

black studded leather ankle boots

Both of my boots, the Chloe Susanna’s with gold buckles and the Givenchy’s with the silver studs are THE most expensive items in my wardrobe, even though I bought both at a very decent discount. My advice is to keep an alert on Shop Style and keep and eye out on Secret Sales as that’s how I got mine massively cheaper. I don’t regret spending the price of a reasonably posh mini-break on these boots as I know they will come out every year until they are literally worn out. I’ve always been a secret rock-chick at heart so am naturally drawn to anything with studs!

But, fear not if you haven’t saved up for 2 years to buy the pricey ones, this year there are a ton of boots out there that are ‘inspired’ by the designer ones, some so similar I’ve surprised they haven’t been sued! Here’s my pick of some great black studded ankle boots. Enjoy…

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