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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Style Crush Sunday — Heloise, Garance and Victoria

Writing the first ‘Style Crush Sunday’ post the other week got me thinking about other ladies who’s style I love. I’ve narrowed it down to 3 again, I don’t want you drifting off halfway through and thinking about whether you should be putting a wash on or cleaning out the cat litter tray (or is that just me, again?) So, without any ado let’s start with my latest girl-crush…


If you haven’t heard of Christine and The Queens then where have you been? Download her album, watch her videos, buy a ticket to her shows (actually she doesn’t seem to have any shows announced this year yet, but I’m sure she will at some point!) The album ‘Chaleur Humaine’ was in my Top 3 albums of last year* and her performance at Glastonbury was amazing, it’s a like a piece of theatre. She considers herself ‘pansexual’, I have no idea what this even means but she rocks it. Heloise’s style is quite androgynous, simple, yet still super cool and smart. If you can allow me to play the feminist card for one minute, I’m just so glad there is an artist like Christine and The Queens out there, a woman who is a role model for girls, doing her own thing, being original and, most importantly, not dressed like a hooker, I’m looking a you Little Mix — that latest video is a shocker in the outfit department (love the song though) In short I totally heart Ms Heloise…


Now, before you start berating me for saying that Victoria Beckham is no style icon, just take a look at her now. Gone are the hair extensions, the tight dresses, the silly platforms and the weird ‘Balloons on a Stick’ body shape. She seems to have finally found her fashion groove and can now do no wrong. Some people are born with style, some people, like Vicky here, have had to learn it. She seriously did her homework and now has a fully fledged masters degree. I salute her. Say what you like, but for me she’s getting it right. The wide leg trousers, the bold prints, the loose-fitting shirts, the colour-blocking, her own fashion company, 4 gorgeous children and THAT husband. I’m sure she goes through the same existential crises as the rest of us, but on the surface she is winning…


Here’s someone who just has an in-built sense of style that most of us can only dream of, Garance Dore is French- Chic personified. She is the author of the ultimate bloggers handbook ‘Love, Style, Life’, It’s a lovely book and probably the most photographed one on Instagram! Garance is also an illustrator, photographer and blogger. She started her blog way back in 2006, when blogging was only it’s infancy and it’s still one of the best ones out there. Her style is classic, well cut, but still with a laid back vibe. I like to think that she just gets up in the morning and throws on any old thing from her wardrobe and it will just WORK. Not like the rest of us who have an idea in our head about what we are going to wear, yet when we put it on, we look like a potato and need a further 4 frantic changes to get it even half right. We Must. Try. Harder…

I feel the need now to rush out an buy a suit and more loafers. I will try my hardest to contain myself.

K x

*My top 3 albums of last year were, Christine and The Queens, Raleigh Ritchie and The 1975 (Don’t judge, I think The 1975 write great pop songs and I don’t care if that makes me uncool)

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