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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Shopping — go it alone? or with a plus one?

So, Shopping. I love it. I do it all the time. My good friend Ali once said that I could spend money in an empty field (true, I can find something to buy wherever I am) But how do you like to do it? Would you rather go it alone? Or with a partner in Crime? 

In true school debating society style, let’s look at the advantages of each shall we?

 Going It Alone

shooping wears my money

1. You can take your time, go to whichever retail outlet takes your fancy at whatever time you feel like. Less time talking = more time shopping.

2. Do I want to spend a whole hour in the accessories department of Harvey Nics? Yes, maybe I do and if I go it alone there will not be anyone rushing me along when I’m checking the top-stitching of that Chloe Faye Bag that I may or may not actually buy. (I’m not buying it, I obviously can’t afford it but no-one else in the shop knows that)

3. No need to wait for anyone outside the changing rooms while they try on every single pair of cropped kick flare jeans in Selfridges. Then NOT BUY ANY OF THEM because not one of the 27 pairs they have spent an hour getting in and out of meets their exacting standards, meanwhile the shop is close to closing and all you’ve managed to buy is a pair of socks Goddammit!

4. No need to worry what anyone else thinks, remember, just like Beyonce, you are strong independent woman, you know your own mind. You know you can’t really justify buying a pink patchwork faux fur coat that goes with nothing else in your wardrobe, but by god you just WANT IT. It’s soft, it’s like candy floss, you like to stroke it and it just makes you feel inexplicably good. When you are alone who’s going to tell you can’t get it?

Going with a Partner

shopping wears my money

1. Someone to talk to, make the day a bit more sociable. Stop off for a spot of lunch, have a few glasses of fizz, egg each other on to spend more money. I have actually made some of my best buys when I’m 3 sheets to the wind, and had the most fun.

2. Someone to take you to places you wouldn’t necessarily go to alone. I always felt a little too not-thin-enough-and-maybe-not-French-enough to go to the Isabel Marant shop in London, but my friend took me there once and now I go all the time, well maybe not all the time, but when they have their annual 50% off sale I’m totally there. Another time my lovely friend Arlene took me to Bravissimo to get a bra fitted — I thought it was just a shop for those ladies with massive bazookas, but it was a revelation. Turns out instead of a 34 C, I’m actually a 30 F! (So maybe I am a lady with huge bazungas after all) Now I have underwear that actually fits properly for the first time in my adult life.

3. Someone to maybe reign-in a foolish purchase, Do I really NEED another pair of Navy Trousers that are just one inch longer/shorter than the 5 pairs I already own? No, probably not, thank you for reminding me of that my friend.

 4. The drinking thing again in point 1. Always.

Before I started writing this I would always have said I prefer to go it alone, but now that I think about it they both have their good points, but I would say that the majority to the time I do go alone. I don’t think my liver could take it if I took a friend every time! What do you prefer?

If I was to go shopping this week (and you know I will) here’s what I would be checking out…

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