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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Spring Jackets-R-Us

As I write, it appears Spring has finally sprung in Ye Olde London Town. I’m sure by the time I publish this post it will have retreated back from whence it came*, but for now I am enjoying the sunshine. A sense of warmth does bring it’s own issues though, true #firstworldproblems…my bag isn’t quite big enough to fit an umbrella AND a pair of sunglasses, oh, what to do? Can I go without a sock all day? Will I get chilly ankles of an evening? What jacket should I wear? People, these are the things we need answers to.

Let us just focus on jackets for now. It’s too warm for your winter coat, time to pack away the faux fur and the parkas for now, hopefully. We need to focus on a few lighter-weight numbers to carry us through until we reach peak Phil Collins weather (No Jacket Required, best time of the year). I think I’ve narrowed down the options to about 4, I could add the bomber jacket and the leather biker and the blazer to this list, but I think I’ll save those for another day. The 4 we have are: The Trench Coat, The Denim Jacket, The Shacket and The All-Weather Waterproof, the last one is the trickiest of all,  but hold tight my friends I may have found the answer to your dog walking/football watching/amble to the local pub even in the pissing rain problems. So without further ado…


It’s taken me quite a few years to finally come around to this one. I always thought they were far too grown-up for me. I know Trench Coats were always supposed to be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, but I always felt like a bad version of Columbo or a lady who should be wearing a kitten-heel. I can’t abide kitten-heels, I just don’t see the point. They are as uncomfortable to walk in as a regular heel, yet without any of the leg-lengthening or height increasing benefits. Either wear a real heel or stick to flats. Last year I finally found a trench coat that I loved. It was from the Alexa range at M&S and I think I will be able to wear it forever. Now I totally ‘get’ the look. I like it with jeans a loafers. Little bit rah rah Sloan, but not too much…

trench coat

1. M&S Trench Coat
2. Gucci Loafers
3. New Look Lace Blouse 
4. & Other Stories Leather Bag
5. & Other Stories Straight Leg Jeans


If you don’t already have one of these, then I despair of you. It should be a wardrobe staple for everyone. Denim jackets can take you through the whole year. layer under your big coat in the winter, pop over your fancy sweater in the spring and with your white sun dress when we get to summer. I have a Mango one which is just perfect, but other brand denim jackets are available…

denim jacket

1. Mango Denim Jacket
2. Bella Freud Lion Jumper
3. Elizabeth & James Handbag
4. Warehouse Black Cotton Trousers 
5. Dune Rose Gold Brogues 


For the uninitiated amongst you this is basically a cross between a shirt and a jacket. Usually comes in Army Green colour, but I also have a navy one that works well too. Once you buy you will wonder how you did without it. Perfect for days when you might just get away without an outer garment, but just need that bit of security that a jacket gives. Wear over sweatshirts now, and T‑shirts when we get over 18 degrees. Or go a bit Cowgirl with this & Other Stories shirt that I now must have! 

1. Top Shop Classic Green Shacket
2. Warehouse Pinup Jeans
3. See by Chloe Tote bag
4. & Other Stories Embroidered Western Shirt 
5. Isabel Marant Dicker Boots 


As mentioned, this is the trickiest of all. I’m sure most of you have to go outside when it’s windy and rainy, and sometimes even a decent brolly will not save you from the elements. Plus, I remember those buggy-pushing days when you need both hands available at all times, so a hood was the only way forward. Festivals too, you can’t really pop up an umbrella in the middle of the mosh pit, or even at the impromptu poetry reading stage in the enchanted woodland (hello Latitude, you beautiful thing, you). I have found the holy grail of waterproof jackets in a company called Protected Species, they are fully waterproof and don’t look like awful outdoorsy gear. Win Win. Here’s a fully sensible yet totally non-mumsy look for all weathers, sensible boots and  hands-free bag too…

waterproof jacket

1. Protected Species Parka Jacket
2. River Island Slogan T‑Shirt
3. & Other Stories Black Skinny Jeans
4. Whistles Leather Back Pack
5. Dr Martens Chelsea Boots 

So there you have it, which one are you planning on buying this season?

K x

*Yes, I can attest that it’s bloody freezing again today. FFS.

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