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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Six trend predictions for 2023

Welcome to my six trend predictions for 2023. This past week or so I’ve been out and about in London a fair bit. I’ve even had time for a browse around the shops and have noticed a few trends that I think will be big this year. The good news is you probably already have at least half of them as they’re all styles we’ve seen before, and if you were forward-thinking enough to keep some of your clothes from the 90s and the 2000s, you might have even more!

They say fashion goes in circles and, as I get older, I can see this with my own eyes. Take UGGs for example. I haven’t included them in this list as they are more for winter, but they’ve come back around again. Those ultra-minis were THE most sought-after Christmas present for teenage girls and twenty-somethings this past year. I remember the first time we all wore them. It was around the same time skinny jeans came in: I’m saying 2001. Looking back, that was an odd look – skintight jeans with a big sheepskin boot on the end of them. But we loved it at the time. I hold my hands up, I got a new pair of short UGGs last year, but this time I’m wearing them with baggy jeans.

Baggy jeans are really having a moment again too, in fact the 90s in general are really having a moment. I know the 90s feel like they were only yesterday, but they were 30 YEARS AGO! How can that be?? Surely it was only five minutes ago we were on the phone for three hours trying to get Knebworth tickets, or drinking bottled cider down at The Good Mixer and hoping to bump into a member of Menswear. But even if you were there, I still think you can do the returning trends again. It’s all about how you wear them this time around…


I never actually owned a pair of flared jeans back in the day, but something made me try on this pair in & Other Stories the other week. They are SO flattering; I am a convert. They seem to make your legs look about three feet longer than they are. I have been wearing mine with simple trainers but the leg-lengthening effect would be even more elevated with the addition of a block-heel boot. I’d go for a suede pair that are a little more spring-like than black leather. Wear with your favourite cardi and a long trench coat for that 70s style.

My six trend predictions for 2023

1. Boden fringe detail cardigan 

2. Vivienne Westwood Orb crystal earrings 

3. Mango double button trench coat 

4. & Other Stories flared high waist jeans 

5. La Redoute suede block heel boots 


I know we’ve touched on these before but they are 100 per cent THE trainers of the moment. I know this because: a) they sell out really quickly, b) my teenagers actually complimented me when I wore mine the other day (never happens) and c) Harry Styles wears them. Admittedly, his are the £500 Gucci version, but other than the colours and the logo, the originals are exactly the same for less than a fifth of the price, plus they come in loads of colours so you can just pick the ones that go best with the rest of your wardrobe for an instant 2023 style update.

My six trend predictions for 2023

1. Reiss relaxed fit striped shirt 

2. John Lewis ANYDAY green bomber jacket 

3. Hush Jenny cargo jeans 

4. Cos boxy fit mock neck T shirt 

5. Adidas pink Gazelle trainers 


Get ready for cold feet as the ballet flat is most definitely back. These are probably something you either love or loathe: no good for those of you that need a more structured shoe, but great for those who hate heels and are looking for a smarter alternative to trainers. Wear with your shorter skirts or with jeans. I’d go so far as to say you can even wear a pop sock if you’re worried about the chill on your ankles. Here’s a little Valentine-themed outfit for you.

My six trend predictions for 2023

1. Suermont Valentines sticker face cashmere blend jumper 

2. JD Williams quilted heart bag 

3. Notte Happy Together signet ring 

4. M&S jersey mini A line skirt 

5. Boden flexible sole ballet pumps 

6. Not Another Bill heart keyring 


For me, this one never really went away. I’ve always been a fan, but I noticed a full DD outfit in the latest Isabel Marant collection and that’s enough justification for me to say this is now a trend again. It’s a REALLY easy one to do as well – surely we’ve all got a denim shirt somewhere in the wardrobe. My usual policy was to mix the denim colours but, actually, I’m now keen on a match but with a belt to break it up a bit. Wear with western-style boots and a long coat.

My six trend predictions for 2023

1. H&M slim fit denim shirt 

2. Aligne oversized woven coat 

3. Pieces leather woven belt 

4. Jigsaw Delmot high rise jeans 

5. & Other Stories braided leather handbag 

6. Hush Hesper suede heeled ankle boots 


Did you throw yours away? I hope not, as cargos are going to be making a comeback in a big way this year. The teens are wearing them with crop tops (for girls) or huge baggy T‑shirts (boys) but I’m thinking let’s smarten them up a bit. Not with stilettos though please (that never worked the first time around) but with an oversized blazer and some chunky white trainers. I went digging in the depths of the wardrobe and I found my old ones. They’re vintage army trousers with ‘Jake’s Delux’ painted across the arse – no idea what that means but I’ve washed them, dried them and now I just need to add another button to make them fit. Fashions from the 90s may be making a comeback, but I’m afraid my 1997 waist size is forever lost in the past.

My six trend predictions for 2023

1. Hush Emilia ruffle sweatshirt 

2. H&M single breasted blazer 

3. The Frankie Shop woven wide leg cargo trousers 

4. Ganni knot mini bag

5. New Balance 550 leather trainers 


I have to admit, I’ve always had a bit of a ‘thing’ for these, especially baseball jackets. They’re something I have bought over the years and luckily (for me) I never got rid of the ones I have. In true Kate ‘one-is-never-enough’ Hiscox style, I have four of them: one is a vintage Vancouver Canadians real-life baseball jacket that I got for $18 at a thrift shop in Vancouver; another is a navy-blue wool and leather one by APC that I bought in the Liberty sale in 2013; one is from New Look and bought in 2016 that looks WAY more expensive than it was; and I have a very expensive one from Acne that I bought just before Christmas (thanks Jo for the discount on that!).

So, you can imagine how pleased I was when I saw THIS jacket in the window at Louis Vuitton. It gave me all the validation I needed for never giving up my collection. For a less teenage look, wear your bomber or baseball jacket with smart, loose-fit trousers and a simple sweater.

My six trend predictions for 2023

1. Acne sapphire blue varsity jacket 

2. Arket heavy knit wool jumper

3. Cos pleated barrel leg chinos

4. Uniqlo round mini shoulder bag 

5. Nike Air Max SC trainers 

And there we have it, how do you feel about my 2023 trend predictions? Would you try any again?

K x

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