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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Red Gold and Green — The Colours of Dreams

Now, I’m paraphrasing here, but Red, Mustard and Green just didn’t work as a title, so please run with it. These are three colours that I am loving this season. I’m particularly loving Red and Green, as Mustard doesn’t suit me so much, but I do love the look of it on others. I’ve always thought Red goes great with Blond hair, it can be a bit scary to wear at first, due to the overwhelming brightness and ‘look at me’ factor, but get over it and try it, or at least try a touch of it. How about a red bag? or a pair of red shoes if you don’t want to go the whole hog. Maybe steer clear of Red Trousers, I made that mistake last year and I just felt like a CBeebies presenter every time I wore them. No-one wants to be mistaken for Mr Tumble.

Green is quite a new one for me, but I bought a Green dress last month (yes, that one from H&M which STILL isn’t on their website) and everyone* said how much the colour suited me. I am a sucker for a compliment, so in predicable fashion, I’m now scouring the shops for more Green items to wear. Actually, thinking about it, I did go through a green-phase back in the early nineties. I took to wearing a pair of Green Dungarees, teamed with lilac (fake) Timberland boots and a patchwork cap worn at a jaunty angle. Those were the days of Rave and I thank the lord, the days before social media and mobile phones so there’s no real photographic evidence of said monstrosity.

Of course you don’t have to go for the bright greens, you can tone it down and go for a bottle green. Very seasonal. Word of warning though, don’t wear red and green together, unless you want to look like a (rather premature) Christmas Elf. In fact I’d say if you are going to wear Red, Mustard or Green, that none of these really work together in the same outfit. They do all go with Navy, Black or Denim though. Maybe best to stick to the basics when you are experimenting with colour for the first time in a while.

Mustard, or Gold, if you will, is a great colour for brunettes, or people lucky enough to be blessed with less pasty complexions than I. It’s a real true Autumnal colour. Like Orange, but without being too reminiscent of a Pumpkin. No-one wants to look like a pumpkin. not even in October Let’s have a look at some outfits that you might actually want to wear this month.


If you are feeling especially adventurous you could colour block your reds, or just mix in one piece. This M&S Coat would certainly make you stand out in crowd!

M&S Red Coat, warehouse checked skirt, mango red jumper

1. Marks and Spencers Longline Coat
2. Topshop Graphic Print T‑shirt
3. Warehouse Check Knitted Skirt
4. Mango Fringe Cable Knit Jumper
5. & Other Stories Stiletto Ankle Boots 


I bloody love a red accessory. The Red Gucci Brixton Loafers are top of my wish list. I have the black ones and they are so comfy. A Red bag will just lift an otherwise pretty plain outfit. I rely on my Disco bag to jazz me up when I’m wearing all black or navy.


I think the trick with this one is to just have one or 2 pieces, I’m not sure you can colour-block in mustard. Stick to mixing it with black, it looks great with black, also how cute is this little Hill & Friends bag?

mustard faux fur coat, hill and friends bag, AG black Jeans

1. New Look Blue Vanilla Faux Shearling Coat
2. M&S wool rich sweater
3. The Outnet AG High Rise Jeans
4. Hill & Friends Tweency Happy Bag
5. Top Shop Suede Pointed Heels


This is the one that I am obsessed with right now. I bought this Top Shop jumper this week. As of now they only had size 16 left in stock, so I got that size and it works a treat. Small tip for cropped jumpers, wear with high rise jeans. Then there is no fear of belly hangover as it’s all neatly tucked away in the denim. It’s a revelation for me as I always steered clear of anything cropped before I discovered the high-rise jean. My love of socks also nows no bounds, these ones from Chatty Feet are just so cute!

topshop green button sweater, chatty feet socks, topshop jeans

1. Top Shop Button Detail Jumper
2. Weekday Kate Green and White Stripe Top
3. Top Shop High Rise Straight Leg Jeans
4. Chatty Feet Character Socks
5. Vans Sk8 Lite Hi Tops 


A slightly easier green to wear and very seasonal. I do love a pencil skirt. I wear mine with flats as I’m no good in a heel, but I do think they are made to be worn with each other. These Top Shop boots would work perfectly with a pencil skirt but also with cropped jeans.

green sweater, green pencil skirt, stiletto boots

1. Weekday Huge Cropped Knit
2. Mango Contrast Print Blouse
3. Astley Clarke Malachite Drop hoop Earrings
4. Mango Midi Pencil Skirt
5. Topshop Magic Ankle Boots

*One person said Green suited me, frankly that’s the best I can hope for and all it takes for me to run away with the idea that I should ALWAYS wear that colour.

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