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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Autumn Favourites — Long Sleeve Midi Dresses

At heart, I am a tomboy. I feel most at home in jeans and trainers, but I do also like to make an effort to be girly every so often. The easiest way to do this is to invest in a dress. As I’ve got older, I’ve got less interested in anything too short or too low cut. I never had any busoms to speak of to show off anyway, but every so often, with a secure pair of 100 deniers, I will get the legs out. My favourite dresses are midi ones. It’s very tricky to get the exact length right. for me, I like them to fall around calf length. Anything that hovers nearer the knee is a bit too ‘old lady’ and in anything lower than calf I run the risk of tripping over on the escalators. I’m just not very good with a maxi dress, too much material to get tangled up in for me.

In the Autumn/ Winter months I’m always on the hunt for midi dresses, ideally with long sleeves. You can then layer up a nice Uniqlo Heat-tech underneath when it gets really chilly. Also, don’t forget the leggings under the dress if you still want to give the illusion of going bare-legged but without the freeze factor. Any old cheap leggings will do as no-one will be seeing them but you and don’t be afraid to just chop a bit off the bottom if they are too long. My current favourite dress is the one below that I just bought from & Other Stories. I only went in the shop to kill time before a meeting, I was trying to curb my spending this month, but I saw this one and it just called to me. I will be wearing with black boots and a leather jacket. It also fits great, true to size and nicely flattering in the tummy area.

H&M Also does great Midi Dresses, unfortunately the ones I have are not available online, but always check out in-store as H&M seem to restock the shops more often than the website. Although I’m only going by the High St Kensington one when I say this. I know the smaller ones can be a bit crap. The one in Ealing is like a jumble sale and never has anything decent in it at all! Sorry Ealing, it’s the truth.

I have found a selection of great midi dressed with sleeves that are actually available online, or I hope they are by the time this post goes live! please don’t save your dresses for best, they deserve to be worn. Dress down with flat boots or trainers, dress up with a heel and a blazer. Dresses are the best day to night option ever. You don’t even need to get changed, what’s not to like? Here’s some great styles for you…

Hope some of these tick your dress boxes! (not a euphemism)

K x

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