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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

The Perfect In-Between-Season Boots

You know what I love about that whiff of Autumn I see on the horizon? Boots, that’s what. I’m already scouting for my potential winter boot buy, but there’s still time for those. Plus I spent an inordinate amount of money on last years Givenchy boots (even with a 45% discount, thank you Secret Sales), so I’m not sure I can justify another black studded pair just yet, but I do really want these ones!  What I can justify is a mid-season boot. I already have them so I’m not actually spending anything, but I wanted to alert you to what I consider the perfect mid-season boot.

I’m not sure what the technical term is for this style of ankle boot. It’s a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll and all versions I am featuring here are loosely based on the above original, and pretty much still the best, Isabel Marant Dicker boots. This is the perfect boot for this in-between weather as it works best with a bare ankle on show and it goes with so many outfits. The low-cut front makes your ankles look thinner, the mid heel is easy to walk in and makes your legs look longer. What’s not to like? I massively shy away from any kind of heel, but I can confirm that I can wear this style of boot all day with no issues whatsoever. That makes them a winner in my book. Let’s see what we can wear them with. I’ve got 5 ideas for you.


One of my wardrobe staples is the pleated skirt, a great item of clothing for this weather, when you want a bit of a breeze but can’t be bothered to fake tan past your ankles. Add a sweatshirt or a simple T‑shirt for warmer days and you’re done.

1. Mango Pleat Sleeve Top
2. & Other Stories Tiger Sweatshirt
3. JD Williams Gold Pleated Skirt
4. M&S Mesh Pleat Skirt
5. Dune Suede Ankle Boots
6. Isabel Marant Sand Dicker Boots 


You know my love of a cropped trouser knows no bounds. I think they suit all shapes and sizes, again, a nice bit of airiness but you only have to show a small bit of leg. Same goes for cropped jeans. Quite hard to find the perfect pair, I searched for over a year before I found the perfect pair (in the sale in Liberty — bonus!) Boyfriend Jeans would also work a treat, any jean that shows off your ankles basically. I have these Seven Boot Lane snakeskin beauties, they are a perfect style for half the price of the Marants. I totally want this bag too, you know why, because they can personalise it! I love anything that I can have my initials stamped on.

1. Cambridge Satchel Company Cloud Bag
2. & Other Stories Peplum Blouse
3. Top Shop Classic Trench Coat
4. M&S Straight Leg Crop Jeans
5. Seven Boot Lane Snake Print Boots


This is your standard classic boho look. I love a long dress with sleeves. Must have sleeves for me, also ideally should have pockets, but you can’t have everything can you? These dresses cover all sins yet still look nice and pretty, when it gets a bit nippy you can pop on a secret pair of shirt leggings underneath to give you a bit of warmth. A little trick I learnt, you can thank me for that later.

1. See By Chloe Suede Handbag
2. M&S Floral Print Midi Dress
3. Dune Suede Ankle Boots
4. Warehouse Saddle Bag
5. & Other Stories Floral Print Maxi Dress
6. Isabel Marant Dicker Boots 


Basically your classic rock chick look with a bit of a twist by adding pale boots and a grey blazer instead of the standard nothing but black. A decent blazer is your friend, it will always immediately make you look like you’ve made and effort when you really haven’t. How good is that? I definitely in the market for a checked blazer this season, this one from Mango is currently at the top of my list.

1. Mango Prince of Wales Check Blazer
2. & Other Stories Leo Claw T Shirt
3. See by Chloe Leather and Suede Handbag
4. The Outnet Rag & Bone Skinny Crop Jeans
5. Miss KG Suede Ankle Boots 

So these boots are one of my favourite trans-season things, what are yours?


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