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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

The Perfect Black Trousers?

Is there such a thing as the perfect pair of black trousers? Maybe not, but I think I might just have found the perfect pair for me, so I’m sharing this with you. I went up to Regent Street last week to have a quick look in Arket, nice enough, but felt a bit like and art gallery more than shop and I wasn’t inspired enough to buy anything just yet, however the Weekday shop next door held some treats and at good prices too. I think it is also part of the H&M chain, along with Arket, & Other Stories and Cos, although maybe aimed at younger people than me, but I still think I’m 26 most days.

Did I need another pair of black trousers?, No, but these ones just ticked all my boxes. Smart. Tapered Leg. Slightly Cropped.Hide my belly enough to be able to tuck in a shirt. Under £50. Job Done. Size 40 was my perfect size, not sure what that is in UK, but I’m usually a 12 and they fit a treat. Highly recommended.

weekday perfect black trousers
Weekday ‘Milly’ Trousers £45

Here’s some of the other things that also caught my eye. I shall be back…

K x

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