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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Occasion wear with Oasis

I’ve been meaning to do an occasion wear post for a while. This post is sponsored by Oasis. They’ve also given us a great code for an extra 20% off all of their occasion wear AND dresses. use the code WMMOCC20 at the checkout. This is valid until June 5th 2022.

Oasis has always been a great place to look for affordable event dressing outfits. They do a really big range of fantastic dresses that are just made for a day at the races, a summer wedding or a big birthday do. I don’t know about you, but after 2 years of staying within 2 miles of my house, and literally NO fun events to go to, I’m totally ready, willing and able to dress up again. I’ve picked out some of my favourite looks from Oasis, I hope you find something that tickles your fancy…


Heading to a late Spring wedding? Or maybe just the Chelsea Flower Show? I know it’s not mandatory to dress up to wander around some gardens, but I’m going again this year and me and my friends have already planned out outfits. All of which involve a floral dress or some sort. I love the print and the sleeve detail of this one. I’m wearing it in the main picture and it looks WAY more expensive than it is!

occasion wear with Oasis

1. Oasis floral printed long sleeve midi dress 

2. Missoma square malachite necklace 

3. Oasis cotton sateen jacket 

4. 8 Other Reasons mini green bag 

5. Oasis leather closed toe strappy sandals 


OK, so maybe not the done thing to wear solid black to a wedding or a summer event, I’m forever turning up like a goth when everyone else is in pastels. Why not try a dark base colour mixed with brights, then you can stay within your comfort zone but still fit in with they dress code.

occasion wear with Oasis

1. Lulu Guinness Red Lips clutch bag 

2. Lillibets Millinery felt pill box hat 

3. Oasis frill ruffle bouquet dress 

4. Oasis burnt orange double breasted blazer 

5. Oasis open toe croc stilettos 


Don’t be afraid to mix up your prints. This dress already does it for you. Adding a floaty sleeve to soften it all up. You could even go all out and add some printed accessories if you’re feeling extra brave.

occasion wear with Oasis

1. Oasis mixed floral angel sleeve midi dress 

2. Moyono textiles wide leopard knot headband 

3. Oasis structured grab bag 

4. Boden leopard prints Mary Jane flats 


Lastly, but not leastly (is that word?) a lace or beaded dress is a great way to add interest to a plain coloured dress. Maybe don’t rock up to your best friends wedding wearing a white lace dress though. Awkward. I feel like this outfit would suit a Christening or a summer party. Fans of The Real Housewives fo Beverly Hills will be familiar with Kyle’s legendary ‘White Party’, I would totally wear this outfit to that. Might even end up pushing Lisa Rinna into the pool…

occasion wear with Oasis

1. Oasis premium lace puff sleeve midi dress 

2. Missoma pearl mismatch earrings 

3. Gucci crystal embellished resin hair clip 

4. Lulu Guinness ivory shell bag 

5. Oasis plaited strap gold sandals 

Don’t forget to use the code WMMOCC20 for an extra 20% off all dresses and occasion wear at Oasis Until June 5th. 

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