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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


Here we go again. Lockdown Loungewear Part 2. The revenge. It’s like Groundhog day, but without Bill Murray, the fun or the Beaver. Was it a Beaver? First time around it was new, there was some hope it might get better when summer came. This time it’s the same sense of dread but colder, darker and frankly just a bit more miserable. BUT, it will end at some point and maybe there is hope on the horizon. America has finally seen some sense, Christmas is coming, there’s cheese and wine to be eaten and loungewear to be worn.

So what will the differences be from Lockdown 1.0 to Lockdown 2.0? Here are my predictions:

Lockdown 1.0: “I’m definitely going to learn something new, paint the house and tie dye my clothes”.
Lockdown 2.0: Buys knitting kit, realise I’ve forgotten how to even cast on. Dog eats the wool.

Lockdown 1.0: Attempts to bake own bread. Gets obsessed with Sourdough Starters.
Lockdown 2.0: Buys Sourdough from Sainsburys and dips it in a full baked Camembert.

Lockdown 1.0: “Oooh Zoom quizzes, Houseparty Karaoke, Facetime calls. Fun!”
Lockdown 2.0: Rarely even answers the phone, forgets what friends and family look like.

Lockdown 1.0: Cleans house from top to bottom, thinks “I’m going to be the next Mrs Hinch, because I’m here all the time now”. House will be spotless
Lockdown 2.0: Wallows in own filth staring at the same 4 walls.

Lockdown 1.0: Lives in exercise gear, doing the Joe Wicks and feeling fit.
Lockdown 2.0: Wears same lounge wear for the entirety, eats more cheese. Doesn’t move off the sofa.

And on that note, let’s take another look at some lockdown loungewear. This is basically the same post I wrote back in March, but now it’s winter we need less shorts and T Shirts and more Cashmere and wool. And once again, shoutout to the teachers, the nurses, the delivery drivers, the checkout ladies, the post people and all the key workers whose life carries on as normal while a lot of country stays home. I salute you as ever.


This is definitely a ‘Thing’ for Lockdown 2. Yes, you might want to be comfortable in your joggers, but you also want to be a bit matchy, matchy. Somehow it just makes you feel a little bit more pulled together. You could go seriously high end and invest in a Cashmere set (more of that later) but there’s plenty around for all budgets. Cos does this well, so does Hush and check out Pangaia for an eco friendly colourful collection of matching sets for adults and kids too.

1. Cos Merino Contrast Roll Neck Sweater
2. Cos Contrast Knit Joggers 
3. Birkernstock Shearling Arizona Sandals 
4. Les Girls, Les Boys Oversized Hoodie 
5. Les Girls, Les Boys Regular Track Pants 
6. Birkenstock Boston Shearling Slippers


I will do more Small Brand and Independent Shops shout outs soon, I’ll collate them on Instagram stories for easy access, but for now I thought I would incorporate some here for you. Now, as ever, is a good time to seek out smaller brands and help them out with your shopping.

Most of your local boutiques will now be selling online so if you want to see them return to bricks and mortar stores then do support them. Some are offering click and collect and styling advice online so do get in touch with your favourite indies to check what they are doing this time around.

1. Blue Saffron Walden Set Fashion Sweatshirt 
2. Bob The Brand Leopard Initial Sweatshirt 
3. By Pollyanna Stay WIld Sweatshirt 
4. Wid Hearts Wonder Double Leopard Sweatshirt 
5. Domino Style Newtone Rockin’ Sweatshirt 
6. Uzma Bosai Oversized Eva Sweatshirt 


Last lockdown I didn’t really go big on joggers. It was warmer, unseasonably warm if memory serves. We had ‘The’ shorts and I still have the tan line to prove it. This time around it’s winter so joggers around the house are going to be the order of the day. The comfier the better, so I’m not looking for anything ‘sporty’, I’m looking for super soft versions to pair with sheepskin slippers and chunky knits.

My husband is a thermostat down kind of a man, so I’ll also be looking at soft scarfs, thermal undies and fingerless gloves to wear at my ‘desk’. My ‘desk’ still being the kitchen counter. But I have elevated my workstation with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and computer stand for the laptop as I was getting terrible neck ache before. No workplaces assessments for me now I work for myself. Still, I’m also my own boss, so I give myself time off for dog walks and I never have to do a Monday morning meeting ever again. I might even give myself a Christmas party soon. Mulled Wine for one coming up.

1. Joules Cable Knit Navy Jumper 
2. Hades Wool English Countryside Scarf 
3. Whistles Barrel Leg Joggers 
4. Hush Patchwork Textured Khaki Jacket 
5. Ugg Ultra Mini Chestnut Sheepskin Boots 


I love a proper pair of pyjamas. I’m not actually one for wearing them all day, not even at weekends or Christmas Holidays, but if that’s your bag, go for it. Fans of ‘Bra Lady’ from the summer (the elder lady I would see on my morning walks who wears just a bra and shorts in the hot weather) will be pleased to note she is still out and about. Now she wears wellies, checked Flannel pyjama bottoms, gardening gloves, a green rain jacket and a jerkin. Is it a jerkin? or a body warmer? or a Gilet? Whatever, it’s a look. She still won’t speak to me though.

1. Cyber Jammies Pyjama Set 
2. Cyber Jammies Pyjama Set 
3. The Block Hut Pomegranate Pyjamas 
4. Whistles Zebra Print Cotton Pyjamas 


I’ve covered the queen of all the fabrics many times recently. To be clad from head to toe in cashmere is the ultimate lockdown loungewear luxury. The White Company even do ‘layering’ cashmere pieces, that are thinner to be worn under your thicker cashmere, how’s that for decadence? If you’re just looking for a slouchy cashmere jumper to wear at home, then it’s also worth looking at the mens departments. They often have a good range or colours. The Best places being Uniqlo, John Lewis and M&S.

1. Modern Rarity Cashmere Roll Neck Jumper 
2. The White Company Cashmere Layering T Shirt 
3. Mango Long Khaki Quilted Coat 
4. Chinti And Parker Wool Cashmere Joggers 
5. Converse All Star Hi Top Trainers 


You know me, I couldn’t leave this one out. A Buffet dress in the winter is like wearing a nightie all day. No waistbands, no restrictions, nice and flowy. Pockets for your secret stash of snacks. Layer up your dress with some thermal leggings, a thermal top, some nice thick socks and a cosy cardigan. Also, a new one for me, how about the sweater dress? I’ve seen a few of these around this season. Again, perfect for staying in. It’s just a great big jumper really isn’t it?

1. M&S Thermal Pointelle Top
2. Mango Chunky Knit Cardigan 
3. New Look Fleece Lined Leggings 
4. Sideline Poppy Check Dress 
5. Ugg Classic Mini Boots 

For all Harry Styles Fans, next week is a “Harry Styles, Style for you’ post. It’s a big excuse to have lot of photos of HS, but also how he can serve as a total mood for winter 2020 dressing. Here’s a photo just to keep you going until then.

Kate x

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