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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Five Summer Jackets

I’ve been putting this post together all week because the weather has been, frankly, shite and I thought we might all need some summer jacket inspiration. Now, it appears we are (at least in the South) in for a bit of heatwave this week so it may well be no jacket required after all. But let’s face it, if you live in the UK you can never rely on the weather in the summer and will always need a back-up jacket. Besides it’s Glastonbury this weekend and Wimbledon after that. The weather is rarely totally glorious for either of those is it?

I know I promised a sale edit this week, but I find it really hard to pick things when I’m not tied to a theme. It’s like I have to have clear boundaries when blogging and ‘The Sales’ was just too broad for me. Got me into a sweaty panic when browsing all the sales sites and had to close up the laptop and watch mindless TV instead. What I have tried to do is to include quite a lot of items that are on sale within this post. If you want my top sales tips, I have written about them before here .

Maybe next week we’ll look at some more summery items, possibly shorts, sundresses and lightweight items that might be good for holidays. Or I may completely change my mind at the last minute again. If you do have something you’d like me to write about then let me know. I’m always open to suggestions. In the meantime let’s check out 5 summer jacket styles that could work for your wardrobe…


Thought I’d start with this one as it’s something I’m personally lacking in my wardrobe. I have a few wool blazers but nothing in a more seasonally appropriate fabric. Think cotton and linen. Granted, linen is kind of annoying crease-wise,  but you just have to run with it and go for the ‘yeah, I’m a bit creased, but I’m OK with that’ kind of vibe. You might need one of these if you are lucky enough to be going to nice smart outdoor summer event, like Wimbledon. I can’t believe, despite living in West London for over 25 years, I have never been to the tennis. No, I’m not really a fan, but I do feel like I should go one day just for the experience and the expensive strawberries..

summer blazer

1. Top Shop Single Breasted Linen Mix Blazer 
2. & Other Stories Woven Straw Bag (on sale) 
3. J Brand Mid Rise Boyfriend Jeans (on sale) 
4. Alexa Chung Daisy Box T Shirt (on sale)
5. Office Leather Croc Cross Strap Sliders (on sale) 


I did a whole post on Khaki Jackets not so long ago, so you know how I feel about them. Absolute summer essential. If you get the right one you can bring it out year after year without fear of looking dated. I would go for a lightweight cotton ‘Shacket’ style as my top choice. This cropped one from New Look would look perfect over a white summer dress. Cropped jackets are great over dresses, especially Buffet Dresses. They give you a bit of shape as they should fall just to your true waist.

summer jacket khaki jacket

1. New Look Cropped Khaki Utility Jacket 
2. Weekday Oversized Grey Tortoiseshell Sunglasses (on sale) 
3. & Other Stories Palm Embroidered Scallop Dress (on sale)
4. Staud Macrame and Leather Bag (on sale)
5. Hush Woodstock Double Strap Sliders in Yellow Snake Print 


I think the classic denim jacket is my favourite summer option. Pretty much goes with everything, except maybe jeans that are the same colour, that would be a Canadian Tuxedo and not something I’d recommend. Along with the Khaki Jacket this is an item you only really need to buy once. Look for classic Western styles. This one from Madewell is the holy grail of denim jackets. Also check out Vintage stores as like most good things, good Denim Jackets should get better with age. I still have a Wrangler denim jacket that I bought in Camden Market the week I moved to London in 1992. It’s the oldest thing in my wardrobe and I still wear it every summer.

summer jacket denim jacket

1. Madewell Classic Jean Jacket 
2. Stella McCartney Small Star Bag (on sale) 
3. Cos Tapered Leg High Waist Cream Jeans
4. & Other Stories Stripe Top (on sale) 
5. Alexa Chung x Superga White Canvas Trainers (on sale) 


This one is basically a cross between your Khaki Jacket and your Summer Blazer. I love this Top Shop Jacket, I reckon it would earn it’s money back in cost per wear within about a month. Perfect paired with Jeans. Once again, I will recommend River Island. My tip would be to buy them online though as, like Mango, they rarely  have such a good range in the stores. I have barely ever bought anything in store at Mango or River Island as they both seem to be full of glittery T Shirts, cheap polyester shirts and ripped jeans, but online, both are an absolute treasure trove.

summer jacket canvas jacket

1. Top Shop Longline Ecru Shacket 
2. A.P.C Pink Leather Half Moon Bag (on sale)
3. & Other Stories Pearl Speckled Sunglasses 
4. Aries Pink No Problem Sweatshirt (on sale)
5. River Island Pale Denim Mom Jeans 
6. Cos White Leather Sandals 


If you are heading to Glastonbury next weekend, this might be one for you. You might get lucky, but if even a sniff of rain is forecast I urge you to take a proper rain jacket and wellies. Once that place gets wet there’s no going back. The BEST raincoats are by Protected Species, not cheap but worth every penny as they properly keep the rain out and look great too. I did a full blog on Festival outfits 2 years ago. Most of that still stands, but I might try and do an updated version in a few weeks if you are keen.

summer jacket rain jacket

1. Top Shop Rain Mac with Corduroy Collar (on sale) 
2. Saint Laurent Kate Sunglasses (on sale) 
3. A.P.C. Logo Navy Sweatshirt (on sale) 
4. Rag and Bone Skinny Jeans (on sale)
5. Hunter Seaton Tall Wellington Boots (on sale)

I hope the sun does shine down on us all this week. I have summer dresses that are crying out to come off the back of the bedroom door (my wardrobe doesn’t cope well with maxi dresses)  and go outside into the world.

K x

P.S. This past week I was invited to put my blog forward for a Good Web Guide Award. If you’d like to cast a vote for me, you can do so here. 

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