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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Fine(ry) Time

Just another very quick public service post. You can thank me later (again). Finery are a brand that I bought quite a few lovely things from when they first launched a couple of years ago. I like them because not everyone has heard of them, not everyone is wearing their clothes.

Finery skirt
This skirt is from Finery, it’s an excellent fit and made from a great suck-it-all-in fabric. It has served me very well for over 2 years.

Now, I love the British High Street as much, if not more, than the next person but there’s nothing more annoying than seeing what you have just spent your hard earned money on being worn by someone rather unsavoury. I had two perfectly serviceable Zara shirts that I had to give away as soon as I spotted Gail Platt wearing them on Coronation Street. She has no chin! She has been married to murders and nutcases! How dare she wear my clothes? In fact Coronation Street has a lot to answer for. I also had to get rid of a very nice Topshop blouse after Tracy Barlow wore it when she was seducing Roy Cropper, and my friend Tina has had a lovely Whistles dress lingering helplessly in her wardrobe, never been worn, tags still attached, since she saw Janice Battersby wearing it to a party in the Rovers Return…

Anyway, back to Finery. You don’t get these kind of problems so much with a smaller brand, especially one that’s not actually on the high street.  I had largely forgotten about them until they sent me a lovely discount code this week. That made me take another look. Brands really need to do that more often. I’m a sucker for money off, nothing makes me spend money like the thought I’m actually saving money (I know I’m not, it just feels that way) The code they sent me is for 20% off all new customers. Type in DREAM20 at check out , just use a different email address if you have already bought from them, I’ve got about 8 different emails on the go so I can make the most of all these ‘new customer’ offers! Here’s my pick of the current items from Finery that I’m keen on. I have already ordered the red trousers and the high neck T‑Shirt and I’m also very tempted with the snakeskin boots…

P.S. I have discovered that there is a website called Soap Style where you can find out where to actually buy what the characters wear, or in my case avoid the things that the characters wear…

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