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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Cardigan Love (Part 2)

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’m a big fan of a cardigan. At this time of year, I’m a fan of all knitwear, but the cardigan is my favourite. I know it was only a few months ago that I professed my love for the humble button-up, but I do think it’s time to revisit and cement that emotion.

Recently I have been working with the Stereophonics. Lovely bunch of lads. Lead singer, Kelly Jones favours a cardigan. He turned up at The One Show last month in his favourite one. I have to say that I chastised his cardi comfort blanket. Mainly because it was so bobbly. A sweater shaver would have done the trick, but there were none to be found ( find yours here. This one works a treat). needless to say he paid me not attention at all and wore his old cardigan on National television, because, ‘Kurt Cobain wore his old cardigan all the time on television, so why can’t I?’.

Turns out that less than a week later Kurt Cobain’s tatty old green cardigan that he wore on MTV Unplugged back in 1993, complete with cigarette burns, and having never been washed, sold at auction for £334,000. Making it the most expensive bit of knitwear ever sold. So, turns out it’s OK for rock stars to wear crappy cardigans after all. I still think it could have done with a de-bobble though.

We can’t all splash out over a quarter of a million quid on an old smelly cardigan, even if it does smell like teen spirit, so here’s some that are infinititley cheaper, but no less cool…


I’ve been coveting this Olivia Rubin Tully cardigan for a while now. It’s the mix of colours and the rainbow sparkle buttons that got me. I’ve been keeping an eye on it for months, waiting and biding my time in the hope it would go in a sale somewhere. Low and behold it is now discounted at Coggles, so it’s winging its way to me as I type. I plan to wear it with jeans and my fancy new Gucci bag. I finally spent those vouchers I got from work as a ‘Well done for managing to not get sacked for the past 20 years’. In a show of predictability I spent the lot on a bag. But as I always say. ‘You’ll never get too fat or old for your handbag’…

1. Olivia Rubin Tally Cardigan (on sale) 
2. Gucci GG Marmont Mini Bag 
3. Boden Sparkle Trim Heidi Cardigan (on sale) 
4. Levis Ribcage Straight Leg Jeans 
5. Dr Marten Classic 8 Hole Lace Up Boots 


If you fancy being a bit less ladylike and bit more Kurt Cobain, then get yourself a good chunky knit cardigan. Preferably in bottle green like this one from See by Chloe, which is also currently in the sale. I might rehash my guide to the sales next week and pick out some of my favourite things that have now been discounted. My main rule of thumb is to never buy anything that you didn’t consider at full price. I love a chunky cardigan over a buffet dress. Believe me, I’m going to need all the buffet dresses after the amount of cheese I“ve bought from Lidl fr the festive season.

1. Carloe London Darlene Leather Bag 
2. See By Chloe Chunky Knit Cardigan (on sale)
3. Jigsaw Autumn Check Swing Coat (on sale) 
4. Warehouse Trapeze Tiered Dress 
5. Air & Grace Jessa Boots 


I find it very hard to do any blog post without a mention of leopard print. A lot of the cardigans I’ve picked out this week are from & Other Stories. I’ve said it before, but their knitwear is excellent and they have a fine array of cardis in stock right now, Keep it simple with a good white T‑shirt and straight leg jeans. Layer up your necklaces to jazz it all up a bit. I love this Hare necklace made by my friend Zara. She used to live around the corner, but is now in Cornwall making the coolest jewellery pieces. I bought this one last week as a Christmas present to myself. A self gift is the best kind of gift as you ALWAYS get what you want.

1. & Other Stories Leopard Print Cardigan 
2. Frenzy By Zara Hare Coin Pendant 
3. Arket Heavy-Weight White T Shirt 
4. H&M Slim High Ankle Jeans 
5. John Lewis and Partners Emina Chunky Trainers 


Absolute no brainer. Everyone should have a classic black cardigan in their wardrobe. I like ones that are slightly cropped so as to give an illusion of a waist when you wear over dresses or with jeans. I’m still not a fan of a longline cardigan. I’m not sure why. I don’t like Coatigans either. mainly because the name annoys me. I don’t like a mix of names. they never end well. you only need look at Brangelina to see that.

1. & Other Stories Puff Sleeve Cardigan 
2. Cabbage White England Roman Coin Necklace 
3. Munthe Satin Leopard Maxi Dress (on sale) 
4. & Other Stories Double Breasted Coat 
5. ASOS Leather Buckle Ankle Boots 


This is a look I keep meaning to try. Winter whites or winter neutrals. Rain seems to be getting in the way recently. You can’t risk a white jean or chino in the rain. One false move and you’ll have a dirty old puddle splashed all the way up your clean trousers. Not a good look. I shall wait for one of those non-existent crisp, clean, sunny winter days before I give it a go.

1. All Saints Catalina Pattern Cardigan 
2. H&M Cashmere Cardigan
3. Cos Relaxed Button Up Chinos 
4. H&M Motif T Shirt 
5. Grenson Nanette Suede and Shearling Boots 

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope you have a lovely time wherever you are. Thanks so much for reading my ramblings over the past year. I may take a break next week, or I may not. I’ll see how I feel. I really enjoy doing this blog, so it never feels like a chore.

Until next time…

Kate x

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