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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Big For Your Boots

Sorry, I know I should be moving on to party dresses and Christmas ideas, I will get there in due course. I’ve done Alfie’s Xmas list, if you need ideas for teen boys based on his list! and I’m working on mine and ideas for others!  But this week I have been inspired by boots again. A lovely reader did also ask for post on chunky boots, so it’s not all about me, honest. I was inspired to research more sensible weather appropriate boots by the massive bargain pair I got at Bicester Village earlier this week. I went there on a mission to buy Christmas presents, and succeeded, I got five presents for others and only one for me. (this is much better than my usual ‘one for you, one for me’ Christmas shopping style) What I bought for myself was a pair of Navy Blue PRADA Chelsea Boots. For less than half price!

They are beautiful but also very sensible and nicely chunky. I hope I shall be wearing them for years to come. If you do make the trip to Bicester, my advice would be go early, not on a weekend. Do a once around, scope out what you like, think about them, then go back and make your purchases. It’s very easy to get carried away and buy things you really won’t wear just because of the massive discounts. Buying these boots got me thinking about what other similar chunky, yet timeless boots are out there. I bloody love a boot, live in them in the winter, but who doesn’t? I found loads, so here we go…


These are very similar to my PRADA ones (sorry, did I mention I have a pair of PRADA boots?, No? I do have a pair of PRADA boots you know) But they are a slightly more sensible black, and are obviously cheaper, but essentially the same style. I’m also a big fan of Orwell & Austen Cashmere, so soft, unique designs and not as expensive as you’d think. I love this Bowie stripe one.

chunky boots, orwell & austen cashmere jumper

1. Topshop Double Breasted Slouch Coat
2. Orwell & Austen Cashmere Bowie Sweater
3. Weekday ‘Donna’ Jeans
4. & Other Stories Leather Chelsea Boots 


These boots are from Ganni. I really want them, but I’m going to hold out and see if they get discounted on Black Friday. Although I do already have a pair of furry lined boots, maybe I will keep saving for those Red Gucci Loafers instead. I will do a post on Black Friday with all the discount codes I can find so start putting things in your basket now in readiness!

chunky boots, whistles pea coat, red jumper

1. Whistles Short Pea Coat
2. Whistles Oversized Cable Knit Jumper
3. Ganni ‘Edna’ Boots
4. The Outnet Current Elliot Boyfriend Jeans 


I love the details on these Geox boots. Geox? I know, I thought they just did kids shoes for little sweaty boys. Turns out they do  decent range for grown ups too. I’m debating an Aviator style furry jacket, this one from Weekday is currently my front runner.

chunky boots, forest green jumper, weekday jacket

1. Weekday ‘Nora’ Aviator Faux Suede Jacket
2. TopShop Pleated Sleeve Detail Jumper
3. Geox ‘Prestyn’ Chelsea Boots
4. Weekday ‘Donna’ Straight Leg Jeans 


It’s kind of like a Timberland boot, without actually being a Timberland boot. I’m not sure I can bring myself to wear those again. I had a lovely pair of fake Timberlands back in the later 80’s — Fimberlands if you will. They were lilac. Terrible choice. Love this Topshop jumper, pricey for Toppers, but looks like a beauty!

chunky boots, parka, topshop cable jumper

1. Mango Faux Fur Hood Parka Coat
2. Topshop Handknit Cable Jumper
3. The Outnet Rag & Bone ‘Camden’ Boots
4. The Outnet J Brand ‘Sadey’ Jeans 


But chunkier than usual, happy with a little flatform, or a chunky sole a la Dr Martens.  I don’t necessarily need any extra height, but it’s nice to be a little bit taller isn’t it? I’d wear all black with this super smart polka dot coat from Boden. They do lovely coats do Boden. It’s not just for wacky patterned shirts you know

chunky boots, boden coat, mos mosh trousers

1. Boden ‘Georgia’ Navy and Black Spot Coat
2. Baukjen ‘Alicia’ Roll Neck Jumper
3. Dune ‘Prynce’ Boots
4. Mos Mosh ‘Becky’ Trousers 

I hope you find some chunky boots that suit. Check back in with me later this week for all the Black Friday codes.

K x

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