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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Alfie’s Christmas List

Ever since he was old enough to write, my eldest son Alfie (nearly 13) has been getting his Christmas lists in early. One year as early as June! He always knows exactly what he wants, usually there is a theme depending on what he’s into. When he was 7 he developed a huge fascination with The Titanic, he wanted books, models, costumes, DVD’s, the lot. I excelled myself that year by finding a handmade scale model on eBay, I got it for only £20 and from someone who only lived 10 minutes drive away. His face was priceless. In recent years it’s been mainly skateboarding and guitar related. This year I thought I’d do a quick post on his list ( Plus a few extras ) as it might help anyone else out there seeking inspiration for an almost teenager, so here you go…

Hope this helps with your moody teen and pre-teen boy present buying!

K x

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