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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

All The Autumnal Hues

I was going to name this post ‘November Neutrals’, but as I went on the hunt for the clothes I wanted to feature, there were so many great items that didn’t necessarily fall in into the ‘Neutral’ category. Hello Orange checked jacket and green cord skirt, I’m talking about you. So here we are with All The Autumnal Hues.

My surname used to be Hughes prior to marriage and I always had to spell it out as otherwise it would end up being Kate Hues. Shoutout to everyone who has to spell out their surname every. single. time. Hiscox isn’t any better, but better than Hiscocks I guess. I had a vague romantic notion of calling my first born son Holden, after the character in ‘A Catcher in the Rye’ or, if we had a girl, maybe Carrie after my heroine from Sex and The City. Sadly, Holden Hiscox or Carrie Hiscox would not have been names you’d like to grow up having. Think about it…

Anyway, Autumnal colours. What are they exactly? Not sure, but I’m running with Burnt Oranges, Forest Greens, Camels and various shades of Brown. Don’t dismiss brown as boring, it’s all about how you wear it and what you wear it with. A brown leather handbag or pair of boots are the perfect pairing for your Autumn/ Winter wardrobe. Let’s have a look at what I have found for you this week..


If I’m honest this entire post was inspired by this M&S jumper. I was absolutely adamant that I wasn’t going to buy another Fairisle sweater this year as I have 2 decent ones already. But then this beauty came to my attention and I couldn’t resist. It’s not cheap, but it is cashmere so super super soft. It’s slightly oversized and has slits at the sides, always a good feature in a non fitted jumper. Anyway, I did buy it and I absolutely love it. It went straight on the day it arrived, always the best sign for me. I will pair it with Corduroy trousers or jeans with a hiking boot and a big coat.

1. M&S Fairisle Cashmere Jumper 
2. Cos Oatmeal Cashmere Scarf 
3. Mango Oversize Wool Blazer Coat 
4. River Island Distressed Mom Jeans 
5. Zespa Lace Up Suede Trainers 


Now, I don’t usually wear mini skirts, but I have been known to throw one on when the days get colder safe in the knowledge that a good pair of 80 deniers will protect my modesty. I’m sure I’ve touched on tights before now, but my advice would be don’t buy cheap. You may baulk at spending upwards of £15 on a pair of tights, but I can almost guarantee that they will last you for more than one season, while your 3 for 10 will not last until Christmas. The best tights I have are by Tabio (either 80 or 100 denier) and Falke (Matt 50 denier). I usually only have to buy one new pair each year as I always have some left over from last winter.

I’ve banged on about how much I love Genevieve Sweeney’s socks a lot, but she also does some excellent jumpers. All pure wool and all really soft and warm, two of the main things I look for in any knitwear.

1. Genevieve Sweeney Lambswool High Neck Jumper 
2. Warehouse Carmen Check Ruffle Skirt 
3. Mint Velvet Green Cord Mini Skirt 
4. Weekend Double Breasted Check Coat 
5. Bertie Flatform Leather Brogues 


You know I love a good cardi. I also love corduroy, so this one is just for me. I love Toast as a company. Again, not cheap, but all the clothes I have bought from there don’t date and I wear every year. I find them more of an Autumn/Winter company than Spring/Summer if that makes sense? Their winter dresses, trousers and knitwear are their best items. These TopShop corduroy trousers have featured a few times now, but they are a great fit. My friend Kat has them and they look excellent. I’m on the lookout for a great white shirt to wear with an oversized cardigan. Don’t want anything fitted, so this one from Cos might just be it.

1. Toast Oversized Alpaca Butternut Cardigan 
2. Cos Wool Cashmere Scarf 
3. Cos Draped Wide Fit Shirt 
4. TopShop Casual Stone Cord Trousers 
5. & Other Stories Chunky Suede Hiking Boots 


This skirt is actually called an Autumnal Daisy Skirt, can you get Autumnal Daisies? I don’t think so, but let’s just gloss over that and take it on face value as a skirt you can wear now with your secret leggings — my top tip from last week. I still can’t believe how many of you had never heard of that trick before. But once you know, you know! Add a chocolate brown handbag and a biker for the full November vibes. How is it November already?

1. & Other Stories Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater 
2. Mango Stirrup Handbag 
3. Jigsaw Washed Leather Biker Jacket
4. Warehouse Autumn Daisy Tiered Skirt 
5. Office Alonzo Suede Western Boots 


I think everyone deserves a check jacket, or shacket if you will, in the Autumn. It’s such and easy weekend throw on. I have a great Black and Red one from Set at Black White Denim that I got last year and I love it. I think of it as sort of stylish lumberjack vibes. Wear with your leather/pleather trousers. Don’t ever feel too long in the tooth for leather. Wear them with pride. Who doesn’t love a wipe clean clothes?

1. H&M Knitted Polo Neck Jumper 
2. Cos Cashmere Beanie Hat 
3. Anine Bing Orange Plaid Jacket 
4. La Redoute Faux Leather Trousers 
5. Grenson Nanette Brown Leather Boots 

As always, thanks for reading. If you do enjoy my blog, it’s the last chance to vote for me here in the Good Web Guide Awards. I’m currently being beaten by an eye mask company. The only time I’ve ever won a competition was when I was 16 and I won first prize in the textile design section of an art competition. I designed a pair of curtains for a seaside caravan. They had ice cream cones on them. I won £50, which was a lot. I spent it all on a leather jacket from Kensington Market.

K x

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