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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Amazon Fashion June Edit

This post is sponsored by Amazon Fashion. Say what you like, but those big pants I found last month are the gift that keeps on giving. I have now gone through the knicker drawer and discarded all my old saggy pants and replaced them with these in all colours. I wear my granny pants with pride!

Since then, I’ve also discovered what is quite possibly the most comfortable bra ever to go with them. It’s more of a bralette, so if you need a lot of support maybe these aren’t ideal, but for everyday-at-home-wear they are perfect and the optional padding gives a lovely shape.

For summer feet you don’t need anything fancy and expensive. I bought these pumice stones for the shower to scrub off dead skin. They work a treat.

For sweaty summer skin, I have recently discovered the Skin In Motion makeup brand. It’s designed for wearing whilst exercising as it’s sweat and waterproof. I absolutely swear by their concealer and the excellent mascara.

And in non fashion-and-beauty-related Amazon purchase news, THIS gadget is brilliant if you’re an Apple user. It charges your phones, EarPods and Apple Watch ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Without tons of annoying charging leads. I knew it was good when my husband took one look at it and immediately ordered one for himself.

Here are all my top Amazon picks this month…

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