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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Amazon Fashion June edit

This post is sponsored by Amazon Fashion but, as ever, it’s not just clothes I’ve got to recommend this month. First up, and I know this might be obvious to so many of you, but I’ve been suffering with the old ‘white-T-shirts-turning-an-unflattering-grey-colour’ of late. I ordered some extra strength Glowhite sachets and, lo and behold, THEY ACTUALLY WORKED! My whites are indeed white again. I was fully expecting to be disappointed.

Next, if you live in a house where the sun shines through the substandard curtains from around 4.30am, then I would get yourself one of these sleep masks. They’re padded and have holes for your eyes. I’m probably not explaining properly, but this has helped massively with my early morning wake-ups of late.

And if you suffer from thigh chafe in the heat, I have it on very good authority that these anti-rub pants (from our favourite big pants brand) are the ones to get.

Here are more of my picks from Amazon this month..

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