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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

All the Puffy Coats

It’s always about this time of year that thoughts turn to the C word.… No, not Covid (did that last week), not Christmas (still a week too early for that, although I have put up my garden fairy lights) but COLD. In particular, cold weather coats and, even more specific, the puffy coat. This is different from Seinfeld’s ‘puffy shirt’ – if you’ve never seen Seinfeld, you must. The puffy shirt episode is possibly one of its finest moments and it’s all on Netflix now so you’ve got no excuse.

I digress. The puffy coat is a must and there are so many out there to choose from. You might be an 80s child who always hankered after the classic Naf Naf-style puffer jacket. You might secretly want to look like a football manager in a long-line-full-coverage puffer coat. You might fancy a more traditional green hooded parka coat. If so, read on my friends, I have all of these and more. Let us have a look…

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This would be your entry-level puffer jacket. Not too short, not too long, just the right length to keep you warm without being boil-in-the-bag. Perfect for wintery dog walks, not so great if you have to get the tube every day. I find that puffer jackets in the city can be tricky, but on the flip side they are fairly light to carry around when you get too hot. If you live in the country or don’t have to rely on public transport, you may never know the pain of being freezing when you leave the house but massively overheated once you reach your destination. The struggle can be real. Maybe if you just wore this nice Ganni tank top under your puffer you wouldn’t have that problem…

1. Day Birger et Mikkelsen Edward winter puffer coat
2. Ganni pink rib knit beanie hat 
3. Ganni logo jacquard wool blend vest 
4. Hush Lenny straight leg jeans 
5. Cos oversized tailored shirt 


Here’s a clever full jacket alternative. The sleeveless puffer vest. It’s also the answer to that age-old problem of the sleeves of your lovely chunky-knit sweater not fitting under your coat properly and bunching up around the armpits. If your coat is sans arms, then not only do you not feel like sausage arms, but you get to show off your nice knitwear to full effect. I’m sold. I’m also massively sold on Bella Freud’s new range of heavy-knit jumpers. I did have to sell two of my fine-knit Bella jumpers so I could justify buying one but it didn’t disappoint.

1. H&M Padded gilet 
2. Coach Rambler leather cross body bag 
3. Bella Freud big Lion wool blend chunky knit jumper 
4. Albaray dark denim boyfriend jeans 
5. New Balance 327 trainers 


I’d say this is your classic Arsene Wenger-style coat. I know that’s probably an out-of-date football manager reference but he was the most well known big puffer coat wearer. Of course you don’t have to manage Arsenal or be Rihanna to wear a coat like this. It’s perfect for any time you find yourself standing on the sidelines or just being outside for long periods of time. Mothers of small children take note: what you need to keep a smile on your face at seemingly endless outdoor sporting activities or trips to the playground is basically a sleeping bag with arms. This one from Arket proved very popular last year. It kept selling out. There’s also a more budget-friendly one from New Look and I swear by the men’s version from Uniqlo. I have it in navy from last year and it’s great.

1. Arket long down puffer coat 
2. Ivy long sleeve Audrey organic cotton breton t shirt 
3. Hush Fallon knitted dress 
4. Kin Thea long leather boots 


I just really like this monochrome jacket from Lolly’s Laundry. It looks cool and it has a wealth of pockets. Pockets are always important. I had a few people ask my thoughts on a teddy coat this week as I haven’t included any in my coat round-ups. To be honest, I don’t really rate them that much. I don’t think they ever look that great and they’re less than useless if it rains. Who wants to look like a soggy soft toy? The more traditional utility fleece jacket is more practical, if perhaps less cosy. 

1. Cos roll neck stripe jumper 
2. Whistles Vida black leather cross body bag 
3. Lollys Laundry navy fleece coat
4. River island high waisted black skinny jeans 
5. Boden chunky chelsea boots 


Finally, the classic parka jacket. It doesn’t have to be green but that’s what I think of when I think parka. I also think fishtail and Mods but I couldn’t find any that really fit that bill. Actually I lie, this one from Boden has a fishtail and is green with a hood but I don’t think it has the full fleece lining like this one from AND/OR. A full fleece lining is the dream for keeping out the cold. Although special mention must go to this one from Mango that has a detachable gilet lining, meaning it can work for various temperatures. I do love a coat with either reversible or detachable features; you feel like you’re getting more bang for your buck, so to speak.

1. AND/OR Peyton Parka coat 
2. Fund ‘Old Enough To Know Better’ sweater 
3. Maison Labiche ‘Hello’ t shirt 
4. LF Markey Classic navy corduroy trousers 
5. Woden Iris numbuck khaki boots 

Would it be too early to think about going out outfits next week? Or maybe skirts? I’ve been looking at mini skirts again at 48, maybe I’m still delirious from the Covid.  Also don’t forget to sign up to the email newsletter as I’ll be sending out my annual Black Friday codes list later this month.

K x

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