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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

All-In-Ones For Everyone

OK, I hear you, I know all-in-ones might not be for absolutely everyone, some of you will switch off from here on in, but I do think there is something out there for almost everyone. I’m not advocating you going for a cheek showing playsuit or a Love Island cut out lacy number, let’s leave those to the under 25’s. I’m talking about full coverage boilersuits, dungarees and decent jumpsuits.

I own 4 out the 5 styles featured below, I’m 46 and a generous size 12. So what I’m saying is that I’m not young and not exactly a slip of thing either. So if I can do it, maybe you can too. If this is your first foray into the world of adult all-in-ones, maybe start with a pair of weekend dungarees. They are probably the ones least likely to invoke ridicule from your nearest and dearest . My family now know better than to crack the obvious Mechanic/ Parachute jump/ Phil Mitchell/ Slipknot/ Anneka Rice jokes.

I know I’ve done many posts about Jumpsuits in the past, that’s mostly because I just like them, but having seen a few Autumn Winter Previews I can tell you that they are not going anywhere for next season, so if this is your bag, don’t be afraid to buy into it now. Let’s have a look and my 5 favourite styles.


We shall start with this one as it’s been my most recent purchase. Yes, I succumbed to the M&S Marketing and bought the Holly Willoughby boilersuit. The one from the last collection wasn’t a good fit for me, plus the fabric was a bit too thick for spring/summer. This one is made from a much softer sort of brushed cotton. Works really well for now and will also be great in the Autumn with a long sleeve striped T Shirt underneath. I usually size down in M&S, but as this has elasticated bits at the waist, I sized up. My stomach is the problem area and there’s nothing worse than a cling around the belly.

M&S Khaki Boiler suit all in one everyone

1. M&S Cotton Bend Utility Boilersuit 
2. Stella McCartney Falabella Leopard Print Tote Bag 
3. Next Tan Weave Circle Cross Body Bag 
4. Next Double Buckle Sandals 
5. Air & Grace White and Cheetah Cru Trainers 


Dungarees, the weekend uniform of tip runs, Costco shop-ups and basic lounging around the house. My love of dungarees runs deep. Mainly due the last of waist constriction these days, but also for the throwback Rave Day memories of my bright green pair, that I wore with a jaunty patchwork hat, Mauve Kickers and a woven bum-bag. It was a strong look I grant you, but not one I plan on repeating anytime soon. If you fear dungarees, then maybe start with basic black pair. Slightly more chic than blue denim and can be smartened up a bit by adding a lacy blouse underneath and a leather biker over the top. These ones from Topshop are tried and tested. Again I would go up one size.

Top Shop Black dungarees all in one everyone

1. Topshop Black Denim Dungarees 
2. Gucci GG Marmont Shoulder Bag 
3. New Look White Frill Trim Blouse 
4. John Lewis AND/OR Black Leather Biker Jacket 
5. New Look White Faux Leather Lace Up Boots 


I’ve written about this Next Denim Jumpsuit before, but if something is good, it’s always worth mentioning again. Like, the M&S Khaki one it’s made from a more lightweight fabric, I ditched the fabric belt as I don’t think it really needs it as it’s semi-fitted. Didn’t size up with this one as it’s fairly loose anyway.  Pair with bright rainbow bag and trainers. If you feel the need for a jacket, may I recommend you go for your Khaki jacket, assume you’ve all got one of those by now…

next denim Boiler suit and rainbow bags all in one everyone

1. Next Long Sleeve Denim Boilersuit 
2. Boden Corsica Rainbow Stripe Beach Bag 
3. Balenciaga Ville Rainbow Stripe Leather Bag 
4. Boden Rainbow Stripe Trainers 
5. Adidas Pride Continental Trainers 


This short sleeved number from Cos is very similar (if not almost exactly the same)  to the sell out one I bought last year and have worn a lot. It’s a more utilitarian look in Dark Blue, and this time the belt actually does work with it, it’s a bit shapeless.without it. I’m trying to get over my matchy-matchy bag and shoes fetish and experiment more with print clashing, but I can’t help but fall for the way the pink in this Prada bag that I covet would go with the pink in the Converse Hi Tops.
Cos Boiler suit and prada bag all in one everyone

1. Cos Midnight Blue Short Sleeve Belted Jumpsuit 
2. The Outnet Prada Logo Printed Leather Bag 
3. Arket Nylon Mini Camera Bag 
4. The Dressing Room Veja V 12 Green and Violet Trainers 
5. Converse Pink Flamingo Canvas Hi Tops


This is the only style of all-in-one that I don’t own. Can’t do sleeveless as regular readers will know, due to ill-thought out 90’s tattoos. One day I might try to laser them off, or get a cover-up, but it’s not exactly top of my priorities list. While I don’t like them anymore, I don’t hate them enough to rush to erase them. Plus, they bring back a lot of happy memories of my 20’s. Maybe that’s what I’m not ready to give up quite yet. I could probably get away with wearing a white Shirt under this pair from M&S  as they are more dungaree in style.

sleeveless jumpsuit M&S Khaki

1. M&S Cotton Blend Utility Jumpsuit 
2. The Outnet Fendi D Frame Sunglasses 
3. New Look White Leopard Spot Shirred Jumpsuit 
4. H&M Premium Leopard Espadrilles 

For the next 2 weeks I will be on holiday, but will attempt to prepare posts to share while I’m away. I read somewhere that consistency is key and I’m in agreement with that.

K x

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