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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

When doing my gallery wall the other day I put this on Stories. It’s our wedding invitation from 17 years ago. It dates from a time pre-social media, but was clearly heavily photoshopped. So ahead of its time. I NEVER had that jawline, not even back then. The inspiration was Pierre et Gilles. The dress was the one I wore to the registry office part of the wedding. It’s vintage 1960s bought on eBay. I still have it in a cupboard in the bathroom. Maybe I’ll try it on soon for the LOLs. Let’s face it, I wont be leaving the house anytime soon


Instagram filter used: Skyline

Photo taken at: Hanwell, London, United Kingdom

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I put my new dress on today, inspired by @the_brand_ambassadors_agency and her initiative. Yes, it really does make you feel better. I’m going to do this every Friday from now until we are allowed to go out again. I bought this dress from @justine_tabak last week. One of my favourite small brands. It’s so important to support all the little companies, now more than ever. Next weeks blog post will be all about small brands and independent boutiques, so let me know your favourites and I will try to include as many as I can. (due to popular demand, this weeks blog is about around-the-house outfits . . . Dress @justine_tabak Boots @geox

March 20th, 2020

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WWHD? Throw on a nice Gucci blouse and paint his nails?

March 17th, 2020

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