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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Kat @doesmybumlook40 started an interesting conversation about blogging this morning. Do people still read blogs now that Instagram is so, er, instant? A lot of people said no, they don’t. I love writing my blog, it’s what I do for fun in the evenings (sad?). It also gives me a legit excuse to look at clothes on the Internet. A lot. I write it for myself really, so I’m super super happy if other people like it. I still read blogs. My favourites being @littlespree @thefrugality @karenbritchick @emmahill @astylealbum @chloelovestoshop @thefashion_lift @wearandwhere @enbrogue @erica_davies @doesmybumlook40 I’m sure I’m missing a few here too. Do you still read them? Did you ever read them? Or are you purely Instagram? . . . Jacket (old) @newlook Jumper (old) @feather_and_stitch Necklace @love_scarlet_jewellery