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As a privileged white woman, I can only try to educate myself on race and racism. I hope you can do the same. It will take time so today I’m just going to give up my feed to 6 black women who I admire and who inspire me. In order of photos: @thestlouisreviews I can only dream of being as cool as Nicola. The end. @london_artist1 Sharon is an amazing artist and all round good soul. @nicoleocran takes so much time and effort with her photos and always looks stylish. Deserves more credit. @kemitelford you ALL should already know my feelings about Yvonne and her brand. @komali_krldn Komali works in A&R at Parlophone and is always a strong sense of reason amongst a lot of noise. @realhamzaa a beautiful and incredibly intelligent girl who also happens to have the MOST amazing voice. I suggest you follow them all.

June 3rd, 2020

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⚡️NEW BLOG POST⚡️ The weather is warming up, you need to let your feet see the sun. You might be looking for a good pair of sandals. But you want your sandals to be COMFORTABLE. Am I right? Yes I think I am. So, I’ve found 6 pairs of sandals that should fit the bill over on today’s blog post. Link to read on Stories, Story highlights and in profile as ever x

May 31st, 2020

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