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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

⚡️PLEASE READ — RAFFLE⚡️I’ve been thinking of a small way I could help in the wake of important conversations and issues that have arisen around racism recently. . . What do I have that is of value that others might want? How can I use that to raise money? I’m no marathon runner, but I do have a lovely designer handbag I can give up. So I’m setting up a raffle to win my prized Gucci bag with all proceeds going to @showracismtheredcard An anti rascist educational charity with strong ties to Football (another love of mine besides fashion and music) . . So, how does it work? You just need to donate to enter. I suggest £10 per entry, but whatever you can give is great. I will run this until June 15th and hope to raise £5000. The winner will be chosen at random, so please leave either an Instagram handle or an email address on the Just Giving Page so I can contact you. The link to the raffle page is in my profile and stories and story highlights. Please do share to help me raise as much money as possible. . . Yes, this could be seen as utterly shallow, but I hope the frivolity of fashion can be used to help just a little bit