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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


As I started writing this, Christmas was still a faint possibility. Now as of 5pm on Saturday 19th Dec 2020, it’s cancelled for us. We had planned on going to my parents, we all got tested on Friday (negative, phew) and were isolating so it would all be safe. But now the plan is for me to meet my Dad in lay-by near the A4 to (and I quote) ‘Hand Over the Ham’. Christmas 2020, the year of the ceremonial ‘Handing over of the Ham’, I mean you just couldn’t make this shit up could you?  I’ve seen my brothers only once this year and we haven’t seen the Canadian in laws since 2018. I find myself wavering between ‘let’s not even bother, let’s just hide until it’s all over’ and ‘we must dress up and have fun because this godforsaken year is nearly over and next year HAS to be better’.

But let’s be honest, Christmas is often built up into something that doesn’t always reach expectations. My Dad keeps a diary every single day and has done since the dawn of time. He sent me an entry this week that was about me calling them to say the expected Christmas work bonus I was hoping for had turned out to be a pair of tights. That brought back all the memories of my first full time job in the music business…

I worked for a small PR company in 1994 and was often sent out on ‘the road’ to visit Radio Stations up and down the country (to this day I you could tell me UK city and I can name you the radio stations therein). Trying to get them to play some. frankly awful, records. There were no mobile phones, no Sat nav, and quite often no hotel to stay in either. In fact my boss thought it was perfectly OK to arrange for me to stay with various local radio DJs on my travels. Let’s just say some of those DJ’s should NOT have had a 21 year old woman staying in their house. One rather unpleasant evening in Dumfries, I had to stay awake all night and creep out of the house at the crack of dawn to avoid unwelcome advances. I got through it all largely unscathed though! Don’t panic.

Anyway, instead of the aforementioned Christmas bonus I was hoping for that year, I was given and pair of ‘Wicked Willie’ tights with a pocket in the waistband for a condom. Needless to say I left that job the following month, never to return. This year I’ve bought my own present (a pair of shoes) so as to avoid all present disappointment.

But what to wear on the day? Anything you damn well please I would say, but you’re here for ideas, so let’s have a look. I know it’s probably too late to order any of this stuff, but Fuck it, I’m buying stuff to wear ext year already. Whatever happens, next year HAS to be better than this one, can I get an Amen…


I know it’s customary for some to just not even get dressed on Christmas Day. This isn’t how I roll.  I feel kind of weird if I don’t get changed into actual clothes at some part of the day. But I have a feeling I might change my mind on this state of affairs if I had a really fancy pair. Liberty would be the dream obviously, I’m hoping I might be able to pick up a pair in the sales as I’m still carrying around a gift coin in my purse. Although with lockdown 3.0 already here, once again all sales shopping may have to move online. P.S. These Air & Grace ‘house shoes’ are an excellent alternative to the ever-elusive sheepskin Birkenstocks.

1 & 2. Desmond & Dempsey Long Pyjama Set 
3. Jessica Russell Flint Monogram Sleep Mask 
4. Hush Blue Leopard Cotton Pyjamas
5. Air & Grace Cosette Leopard Slippers 


You know, I really WILL put a dress on, even if it is only my immediate family that will see it and even though I will probably change into a tracksuit by 3pm. I’ve really missed wearing dresses this year, They are my favourite thing. I’ve tried to wear at least one a week just to feel like my old self. It kind of works, but what I really really want to do is wear them to an event, or a party, or even just to a nice dinner in a restaurant, not just to walk down a muddy canal to get a loaf of bread.

I bought this Iris Dress (in dark red) from the Daily Dress Edit Pop up shop back in October and It’s just been hanging on my rail ever since, so it’s DEFINITELY getting an airing over Christmas as is this one I got from Seraphina when they did a 60% off flash sale. I don’t usually go for short dresses, but this one took my fancy, so we shall see.

1. By Iris Shae Corduroy Dress 
2. Tilly Sveaas Chunky Curb Link Bracelet 
3. Seraphina London Bella Corduroy Dress 
4. Carvela Stud Detail Ankle Boots 
5. Anthropologie Livia Bow Flats 


This is more my go-to, ‘I want to dress up a bit, but I don’t want to go full on as it’s not a REAL Christmas’ sort of a look’. I’m really into the Tank Top vibe right now. I got this one from & Other Stories the other week after I featured it on one of the blogs. It’s actually really good for showing off your nice blouses when you need a bit of warmth. Especially good for those puff sleeve numbers that don’t sit right under regular jumpers. Now I REALLY want a leopard print version to wear with white blouses and trainers.

1. M&S Tencel Ruffle Blouse 
2. Coco & KInney Gold Link Bracelet
3. Ganni Leopard Print Knitted Vest 
4. Jigsaw Paris Velvet Trousers 
5. Veja V10 Nautico Trainers 


Let’s be honest none of these jumpers are particularly festive, but they are red, and to me red equals festive. I’m not a fan of buying things specifically for an occasion, When I buy something I want it to be worn multiple times, not just on one particular day.  I feel the same about fancy dresses, not keen. The thought of buying something you’re only going to wear once or twice doesn’t sit well with me. In fact the last time I went to an event that required a dress code (remember those?), I rented something from My Wardrobe. I predict this will be the way of the future. We should spend our money on things that we wear all the time, not on one-off pieces.

1. Mango Contrast Knit Sweater
2. Anine Bing Vintage Bing T Shirt 
3. Whistles Suki Sequin Skirt 
4. Hades Wool The Cure Jumper 
5. ASOS Pointed Tweed Ballet Flats 


If there’s one thing I KNOW will happen this Christmas, it’s that we will take Thomas Frank out for a walk every single day. Getting a dog has been the best thing about this year for me. You’re never alone if you have a four legged friend. not only for the joy that they bring, but for all the other people you meet when you go out walking. The main thing I’ve missed about this year is just talking to all kinds of people. I’m the kind of fool who loved the speed awareness course because it brings total random selection of society together in one room. This is kind of similar to the people you meet out walking the dog. Literally the only thing you have in common is a dog, but that’s all you need to strike up conversation. I basically live in wellies these days.

1. Stand Studio Sarah Quilted Jacket 
2. Brora Cashmere Fairisle Wrist Warmers 
3. & Other Stories Ribbed Beanie Hat 
4. Toast Graphic Yoke Wool Jumper 
5. Mango Slouchy Cord Trousers
6. Hunter Original Rubber Chelsea Boots 


Finally, loungewear. AGAIN. It’s been the recurring theme of 2020. Elasticated waistbands and comfy sweatshirts ruled. If you’re going to go down that route on Christmas day, then jazz it up a bit with some sparkle or some luxury. Leave those dog eared joggers on the floor where you took them off last night and reach for a bit of cashmere, or just something with some sequins. Cashmere is one of the things to look out for in the sales too, but we’ll do more on that in a week or so,

1. Wyse London Cashmere Sequin Rainbow Jumper
2. The Outnet Bella Freud Rainbow Stripe Cashmere Joggers 
3. Hush Embellished Jumper 
4. Hush Finoula Washed Joggers 

This is my last blog before Christmas and possibly the last one this year, I may take a break next Sunday, we’ll see. The mood might take me to write something. Especially as I know can’t leave the house. But I do want to say I hope that whatever you are doing this coming week, that you manage to find the joy. Thanks so much for sticking with me this year too. I appreciate it so much.

Kate x

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