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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Christmas Gifts at Fortnum & Mason

This post is sponsored by Fortnum & Mason, and nothing says Christmas more than something from Fortnums. It’s not all hampers, you know. (although their hampers ARE excellent). Fortnum’s is one of my top 5 shops of all time ever, but did you know that they have a great selection of gifts available to buy online too.

From biscuits to beauty products, there is something for everyone you need to buy for this Christmas. I couldn’t resist getting a box of their legendary champagne truffles as a special treat for myself as I love the Fortnums confectionary department more than I really should.

I picked up this hand wash set and candle as an early Christmas present for my Mum who likes to replace all her regular household items with Christmas variations at this time of year. For my best friend (the dog),  I’d buy this for Thomas Frank but I fear he would eat through it before Boxing Day is out. He is forever relegated to a cheap plastic bed due to his destructive tendencies. He might have to settle for a new collar instead. But my particular favourite gift is something my sister-in-law bought me a few years ago and it’s this. It’s a Fortnum & Mason cheese baking pot! It may sound very niche, but I can tell you it’s had a lot of use over Christmas periods gone by and it will be making another appearance filled with Camembert and in my oven very soon.

Here are more of my top picks for gifting this year at Fortnums…

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