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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


Throughout my life I’ve run the gamut of mini skirts. I think it started when I got my first ra-ra skirt at about age eight. I recall it in great detail. It was white with two tiers. Each tier was edged with satin ribbon in red and blue. It was a thing of beauty. From there I moved on to the puff ball, as influenced by Pepsi and Shirlie. When I hit secondary school I spent far too much time altering my school skirts so they were at an almost obscene level of mini-ness. I hand sewed one that was so tight the stitches starting coming undone in double maths. I had to tie my jumper around my waist for the rest of the day or I may have been sent home for indecent exposure.

At age 16 when we spent ALL our time thinking about what to wear to the local under-18 disco night at Rackstraws in Sandhurst (I just looked it up, it’s now a Beefeater restaurant *sobs*), I recall wearing a micro skirt with long, almost thigh-high socks, held up by hair elastics that practically cut the circulation off at the knees. I also think I wore a tie and a blazer. This was pre-Britney and Clueless; we must have been so ahead of the curve. I also recall someone setting fire to my friend Michelle’s fake hairpiece by flicking a lit Silk Cut on it from the balcony, but that’s another story. Plus I can also still recite the ENTIRE rap from ‘I Need Love’ by LL Cool J because it was played every SINGLE week and I never once got asked to dance to it by that boy with the Sun In fringe who favoured a pastel lemon blouson. He was admired only from afar. Funny I’ve not had much call to use my rap skills these days though. I’m wasted in this game…

Ahh, thanks for that trip down memory lane. It’s put a smile on my – much older – face. But mini skirts don’t have to live in the past. You CAN wear them at any age. It’s all about HOW you wear them. 


yes you can wear a mini skirt past 40

This whole blog was inspired by my purchase of this corduroy skirt from M&S, as ‘modelled’ above. It is solely responsible for my renewed love of a mini skirt. I must try not to rush out and buy four more that are similar but different, and just stick to wearing the one I have. In fact I actually have two: I have a black one from Hush as well, so I definitely don’t need any more. I am a bit annoyed that I sold all my leather skirts a while back but I’ll get over it. I think the trick to a short skirt is in the footwear and the outerwear. A flat shoe, or at least one with a low block heel, works best for me. Or some boots. I don’t really go a bundle on tall boots but they would also work if you favour them. Also, a longer coat will make you feel more confident. There’s no fear of flashing your gusset when you have a longer coat on the go.

yes you can wear a mini skirt past 40

1. Oliver Bonas chambray denim shirt 
2. Sticky Lemon Mama backpack 
3. Warehouse cord button-through skirt 
4. H&M long quilted coat 
5. Arket chunky sole leather loafers 


Who didn’t love a denim skirt in the 90s? I spent hours unpicking my old jeans and sewing them together to make into skirts, even adding patches and trims. Can’t pretend that the bedazzler didn’t feature either. I was a whizz with the glue gun and the diamanté. These days, thankfully, less is more when it comes to embellishment. The simpler the denim skirt, the better. This one from APC is all class. I’d wear it with an oversized roll neck and a pair of Chelsea boots.

yes you can wear a mini skirt past 40

1. Hush Meryl high neck jumper 
2. Jasper Conran Alexis cross body bag
3. Mango houndstooth wool blend coat 
4. APC denim mini skirt 
5. Arket leather Chelsea boots 


So, you’ve got to think less Liz McDonald and more Kate Moss when it comes to the leather mini. A loafer or a pair of ballet flats rather than a thigh boot or a stiletto. A high neck, rather than boobs on a platter. That old adage of ‘legs or tits’ does still ring true. I’ve never been blessed with boobs that could even make cleavage. Thinking about it, maybe that’s why I always went with the legs. I’ve mentioned tights before. They are important. I like a good 80–100 denier. My favourites are these by Falke. Not cheap, but last for years rather than weeks. 

yes you can wear a mini skirt past 40

1. Everlane Oversized Stroopwaffle turtleneck jumper 
2. Gucci striped wool and leather bag 
3. Jigsaw navy Maxi City Coat 
4. Arket leather mini skirt 
5. & Other Stories crystal buckle leather loafers 


If you fancy going short short for a night out then why not look at a velvet mini? Keep it cute with some flat Mary Jane strap shoes and a simple black top. I think of velvet as the evening’s answer to corduroy so it definitely gets my vote, especially at this time of year.

yes you can wear a mini skirt past 40

1. Mulberry Lily leather handbag 
2. Stand Maria check faux fur coat 
3. Baukjen square neck top
4. & Other Stories floral button velvet mini skirt 
5. Everlane velvet Mary Jane shoes 


Oh go on then, just because you can’t have too much cord. This is the Hush mini I have. It’s about 2 cms longer than the M&S one and it’s a different colour, so I can kind of justify having both. I plan on wearing this with stripes and loafers. Loafers are my favourite to wear with short skirts. They are flat without being TOO flat and just the right side of smart without being at all tarty. In fact, thinking about it, I wore my Shelley’s loafers with that Rackstraws outfit. Some things never change…

yes you can wear a mini skirt past 40

1. Green Thomas Love blanket scarf 
2. Jigsaw Fishermans rib stripe jumper 
3. Hush Sofia cord zip corduroy skirt 
4. Albaray herringbone double breasted coat 
5. M&S wide fit Leopard leather loafers 

Next week I’ll attempt some out out outfits for you. I shall out my personal feelings aside and even include a few sequins. There’s also a few midweeks posts coming up so look out for them. Don’t forget you can sign up to the mailing list here.

K x

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