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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Wardrobe Staples : The Denim Jacket

There can be no jacket as useful and practical in the summer months as the Denim Jacket. It’s your trusty friend, a holiday romance that you meet up with every year, yet strangely never ages. Yes, it might get a few wrinkles and possibly get worn down a bit, but that just adds to it’s charm, a bit like the clothing equivalent of Brad Pitt, but without the messy divorce…

I have a long history with denim jackets, I mean, who doesn’t? we must have all had at least two in our lives, and oh, the stories they could tell! I recall I had one at about age 7 then I wore with my beloved Red Levis zip-up hoodie, I’d probably still wear that outfit now, 1980 was so hipster. The next one I got age 15 from Miss Selfridge, I wore it as it was intended for a year or so, then got all crafty and added the logo of my favourite band at the time, The Cult, on the back.

The third Denim Jacket I bought, I still have and it’s the oldest item of clothing in my wardrobe. It’s a vintage Wrangler that I bought from Camden Market the week I moved to London in 1992. It’s now pretty wrecked and is held together with patches and repairs, but I don’t think I will ever throw it away. It holds many many memories and it still fits! bonus. The last Denim Jacket I bought was the Bowie one from Mango last year. In the sale for £18, a bargain and one I think I will also wear for years to come. I also jazzed that up a bit myself by adding white outline to the printed logo…

Me at 16, with obligatory perm and hand painted Cult denim jacket. Me last year. Hairstyles and jawline definition may change but I still love to get a bit crafty with my denim jackets!

If you are feeling creative, the best paint for your denim is regular Acrylic. Try not to use the oil-based ones as they take a hundred years to dry and then tend to crack (as I discovered on my first attempt), go for water based. Who says you can’t be over 40 and still customise your denim?

Denim Jackets go with pretty much anything, the only exception I would say would be jeans that are the same shade of blue as your jacket. That would be what’s known as a ‘Canadian Dinner Jacket’ or as I like to call it, A Double Denim Disaster. Let’s look at my picks of the best DJ’s out there and some styling ideas…


The classic holiday look. White sundress, denim jacket, sandals and basket bag. Even if you’re not going to Ibiza with the girls this year, wearing this might give you that holiday feeling. I love the Liberty Iron-on patches. Another way to customise your denim.

Denim Jacket and Broderie White Midi Dress

1. Liberty Iron-on Patches —  £20 each
2. Mango Pale Denim Jacket — £36
3. New Look Straw Bag — £28
4. River Island Sunglasses — £14
5. Next Broderie Midi Dress — £65
6. Clarks Leather Strap Sandals — £52


You know how I love a wide legged cropped trouser. Mango are on fire with their stripy trousers this season. These ones are next on my hit list, and I love the Topshop slides too, they would look great with pale denim jeans too.

Denim Jacket Mango Stripe Trousers Bucket Bag

1. Next Denim Jacket — £32
2. M&S Pleat Camisole Top — £35
3. Mango Stripe Trousers — £30
4. M&S Leather Tassel Bag — £79
5. Top Shop Velvet Sliders — £35


Always my default look. All black. Girlying it up a bit here with the addition of lace up sandals instead of bovver boots. This Denim Jacket is the classic Levis one. It will never ever date and I’ve checked that it has pockets. I bought one from Ebay a few years ago that had the perfect look but no side pockets! WTF?  A huge mistake, I couldn’t get on with it at all. It had to go.

Levis Denim jacket Rock Chick

1. Levis Ex ‑Boyfriend Denim Jacket — £72 (20% off)
2. Rayban Classic Wayfarer Sunglasses — £125
3. J Brand Distressed Skinny Jeans — £95 (were £250)
4. TopShop Led Zepplin T Shirt — £25
5. The White Company Suede Sandals — £145
6. & Other Stories Leather Bag — £79


I’ve still not made the leap into gingham this season, but I am favouring this M&S skirt. I’ve checked out their denim jacket in real life too, and I can confirm it’s a good one. Classic styling and great price. Check out the Veja trainers too, they are ethical and a nice alternative to my beloved Stan Smiths.

Denim Jacket Gingham Skirt Yelllow Bag

1. M&S Denim Jacket — £29.50
2. New Look ‘New York’ T‑Shirt — £10
3. Top Shop Cross Body Bag — £25
4. Veja Trainers — £85
5. M&S Gingham Ruffle Skirt — £35


Although this dress isn’t officially denim, it’s more chambray, whatever chambray actually is —  just looks like thin denim to me. Add a pop of colour with your accessories and you’re onto a winner. This denim jacket is the classic Wrangler one that I have. Yes, they still make it, so at least I know when mine finally does bite the dust, I can still replace.

Denim Jacket Chambray Dress Red Sandals

1. Wrangler Denim Jacket — £68
2. Warehouse Chambray Dress — £49
3. Astley Clarke Stud Earrings — £45 (were £70)
4. Dodo Bar Or Bucket Bag — £163
5. Boden Block Heel Sandals — £72

This post was at the request of Anniki, I hope there’s a jacket here for you, and no, I’m still not giving you my Bella Freud Jumper…

K x

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