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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

The Mum Coat and Sensible Boots

The ‘Mum Coat’. Also known (by me) as the ‘Football Coat’, and by others as the ‘Dog Walking Coat’ and what my assistant at work called her ‘Errand Coat’. It’s all the same thing really, essentially a coat for doing things where you need your hands free, some good pockets, water resistant, warm and, maybe most importantly, a hood. Because you can’t be doing with holding an umbrella and you don’t want your hair to turn to frizz.

Mums with small children need the coat when pushing prams or buggies all over the place. People with older children will need it for standing on the sidelines of a football/rugby/hockey pitch in all weathers. Those with dogs need it for early morning and late night walks and those with none of the above need it for running errands in the winter.

I think there are essentially 2 types of coat to choose from when looking for the all-purpose all-rounder winter cover-up. those are the Parka and the Puffer. The Parka is the most sensible option in my opinion as it’s more likely to be properly waterproof with a decent hood. But the Puffer is warm, super warm sometimes, and feels like wearing a duvet. Which is something I love more than most things. My duvet is more than a friend, It’s a happy place, a place I yearn to go to from about 9pm most evenings. So if I can get that feeling from a coat too, then what’s not to like?

What do you need to go with your Mum Coat? Well, you need a good sturdy pair of winter boots. Ones that will work for most weathers and terrains. I’d also add a decent chunky wool sweater into the mix. So, here’s what I’ve found for you this week…


A perennial classic. Look for one that is olive colour, vaguely water resistant and ideally with the faux fur lining on the hood. A coat you will use and wear for years. Pair with a bobble hat and this excellent jumper from Me + Em. It has a detachable polo neck. I’m telling you this is a game-changer,  2 sweaters for the price of one! I bought a similar one from them last year in black and white stripes, so good! Boots… go for a pair of Dr. Martens Chelsea Boots. They will also last you forever.

1. Arket Pom Pom Alpaca Beane Hat 
2. ME + EM Zig Zag Detachable Snood Jumper 
3. Whistles Megan Casual Parka 
4. H&M Straight High Ankle Jeans
5. Dr Martens Flora Kensington Leather Chelsea Boots 


If you favour more of a jacket than a coat, then go for a Puffer. It will remind you of your lost youth. A time when you went to illegal raves in vacated Sainsburys supermarkets in Brighton, wore green Dungarees and Lilac suede Kickers and dreamed of owning a Naf Naf Puffer. Or was that just me? Maybe… Pair with a Samsoe and Samsoe Fairisle type jumper. Yes, my Fairisle addiction is gaining strength as each day passes. I bought this one last week. Add a pair of Grenson Nanette Boots. My source on the inside says they are back in stock from tomorrow.

1. Arket Re-Down Puffer Jacket 
2. Samsoe and Samsoe Jacquard Wool Jumper 
3. Levis 501 High Rise Cropped Jeans 
4. Aurora London Gigi Leather Bag 
5. Grenson Nanette Leather Hiking Style Boots 


Another easy option is your well- designed black parka coat. You all know my love of Cos and it doesn’t just end with their trousers. Why not try a nice cardi underneath? A cardi is good because it will keep you nice and warm yet will also still show off your trendy T shirt. Cardigans are your friend and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,

1. Anine Bing Tiger Print T Shirt 
2. & Other Stories Wool Blend Cardigan 
3. Cos Padded Parka Coat 
4. Whistles High Waisted Green Barrel Jeans
5. M&S Lace up Leather Ankle Boots


Finally for this week, we’ve got the 100% waterproof parka coat. I have mentioned Protected Species in the past because they are, hands down, the BEST waterproof coats that money can buy. Admittedly they aren’t cheap. But this will be the only waterproof jacket you will ever need to buy. They have just launched a winter version which is padded enough to keep you warm, but not overly thick to make you feel stifled. This one will be my go-to football coat, Starting from QPR away yesterday in the pouring rain. The coat was definitely better than the scoreline. Pair with hard-wearing Sorrel boots and the weather will hold no fear for you. Also, don’t let the name of these Levis Jeans put you off, they are very flattering and don’t make you look like someone’s given you a wedgie at all!

1. Protected Species Winter Waterproof Parka 
2. H&M Knitted Wool Blend Jumper 
3. Sorel Explorer Carnival Rubber Boots 
4. Levis 501 Wedgie Jeans 

I hope you find your forever Mum/Football/Dog coat. Next week I’m planing party dresses. Something that I struggle with being a girl who doesn’t do girly or heels. But you wanted evening wear options, so I shall do my best !


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