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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

The Colour Of The Season

What colour is that, I hear you cry? Well, I didn’t know what to put in the title as it is known by many names, Burgundy, Maroon, Aubergine, Red Wine,Oxblood, all with slightly different hues, but you know the general colour I mean. I’ll go for Maroon to avoid to much confusion. This colour really defines the Autumn for me as I know the nights are starting to draw in when I contemplate changing my summer nail colour from light pinks and orangey reds to black and dark red*. It’s just like getting the winter coats out of storage, (when I say ‘storage, I mean they come out of the half of my sons wardrobe I have commandeered as my ‘overspill’ area), it signifies a new season. There’s always a fair bit of Maroon colours around at this time of year, but there seems to be more than usual right now, so that means it must be another trend to jump onto. This colour will also go perfectly with the whole Check Trousers/Jacket/Skirt thing I was on about the other week too.

I think this colour goes with loads and it’s also very grown-up and chic, not words I use too often about myself, but I am trying to be a bit smarter every so often on work days. Making an effort makes you feel like you totally mean business. At least for the first few minutes of the day. The feeling often fades after lunch and around the 4pm slump. Maroon goes lovely with pale blue, pale pink, navy and black, so for ease, I’m going to focus on those colour combos for you this week.


Obviously yo can wear it with dark denim too, but I just like this combo more. Don’t be afraid to do double denim either…

maroon Coat, Denim shirt, jeans

1. Mango Mohair Blend Coat
2. Little Liffner Suede Saddle Bag
3. & Other Stories Straight Fit Jeans
4. Oasis Georgie Denim Shirt
5. & Other Stories Leather Boots 


This is a good way to Autumnify (I know that’s not a real word) your summer pinks. Just by adding this colour cashmere sweater, your smart summer outfit becomes one that can take you through the rest of the year, plus, Look! Pink Vans! Love them. Not just for 12 year olds…

maroon sweater, Pink Trousers, snake print bag

1. & Other Stories Classic Silk Shirt
2. Mango Cashmere Sweater
3. MSGM Slim leg cropped crepe trousers
4. & Other Stories Snake Print Bag
5. Vans Pink Suede Hi Tops 


I just can’t get enough of navy trousers. I reckon I must have about 5 pairs, but they are all just slightly different, so that makes it OK. Cos always does great wool ones, and Weekday (my new find) has a decent selection too. I love these A.P.C. Boots, they would look great with cropped jeans or long skirts too.

tops shop unique check coat, navy trousers

1. Warehouse Casual Twill Shirt
2. Topshop Unique Checked Trench Coat
3. Weekday Ritz Trousers
4. A.P.C Eva Leather Ankle Boots 


I do love an all black day, but sometimes it’s nice to break it up with some colour. If you are slightly afraid of bring colour, then this one is for you. I’d wear this one with some nice and thick 100 deniers, but I am trying to hold off tights until October. These shoes are also from a designer new to me — Rogue Matilda, for anyone else that loves flat shoes as much as I do, I suggest checking them out. I just bought a pair with my Ebay profits!

maroon skirt, apc bag, black polo neck

1. & Other Stories Cashmere Turtle Neck
2. A.P.C. Albane Cross Body Bag
3. Warehouse Faux Leather A Line Skirt
4. New Look Faux Fur Collar Coat
5. Rogue Matilda Superstar Velvet Brogues 


Just because these didn’t fit into my colour combo slots but I wanted to include them. A perfect day dress with boots and a gorgeous Velvet number for a fancy night out.

maroon dresses

1. Cecilie Copenhagen Cotton Midi-dress
2. Seven Boot Lane Grace Black Leather Boots
3. Masscob Velvet Midi Dress
4. Gucci Marmont Leather Pumps 

What are your thoughts on this colour? and more importantly, what do you call it?

K x

*As a side bar I bought all the gear to do my own Shellac nails recently. I got fed up with paying £30 a pop for someone else to do it worse than I thought I could do myself. So far, so good. I got all the stuff on eBay and it’s working out nicely. I’ve given away 90% off my other nail polishes now too, so I’m fully committed to this! I wouldn’t have done this if I lived closer to Shoreditch, as the ONLY nail place that have done me the perfect Shellac nails is Shoreditch Nails over there. They are the best I’ve ever had, better than even in New York and lasted for nearly 4 weeks.

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