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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

The Boots Of The Moment

In case you were wondering, THE boots of the moment are hiking boots. Specifically the, now currently sold out, Grenson Nanette Hiking boots. Who would have thought we would be wanting to wear these chunky lace-ups so much this winter? Well, maybe not all of us, but I have certainly fallen in love with them. They have barely left my feet since I go them. Honestly the MOST comfortable boots ever! I bought mine at the end of October just before they totally sold out. They did totally sell out once Holly wore them in the Jungle.

I love Celebrity Jungle, always have. Show me a minor actor star eating a pigs anus and I’m happy. This year it’s had the added bonus of ‘Boot Watch’ since Holly Willoughby has worn a different pair almost every night. Most of them have been sensible hiking boots and the trend has spiralled. I’m told that Grenson should get some more Nanettes in towards the end of this month, but if you can’t wait until then, don’t have the budget or just don’t want to follow the herd too much, then I have scoured the internet to try and find some suitable alternatives. Check out the scroll bars under each look for even more boots.


They may be sold out the the Nanette boots, but if their other footwear is as good then I would definitely look to Grenson for an alternative. They are a UK company founded in 1866 and their shoes are still made in Northampton. Many of them use handmade processes and take about 8 weeks to make — which is probably why there is a delay in restocking when a certain product has a ‘moment’. You can’t rush quality.  Why not try a classic pair of Ella’s instead? A tip for you in this weather, sheepskin insoles. I absolutely swear by them and have some in every pair of my winter boots. 

1. Arket Floral Crepe Dress 
2. Amazon Lambswool Thermal Insoles 
3. Grenson Ella Leather Lace Up Boots 
4. M&S Wool Rich Coat with Cashmere 


So these are the boots everyone is loving. YOU might not be able to get the exact ones that Holly has right now, but there are quite a lot of alternatives. I’ve really tried to find ones that are still available in most sizes (at the time of writing) but they are all selling out fast so don’t get cross with me if some of these are already gone in your size! A tip if you want to jazz up your hiking boots, buy new laces. I got mine from Shoestring laces. A really cheap way of making your boots look different each time you wear them. You can definitely wear your hiking boots with your pleated skirts. I love this look.

1. ME + EM Curved Hem High Neck Jumper 
2. New Look Red Check Coat 
3. Arket Pleated Satin Skirt 
4. Shoestring Laces Round Cord Laces 
5. New Look Wide Fit Lace Up Ankle Boots


If you did’t have a pair of  Dr Marten boots when you were a teenager, then were you even a teenager at all? I remember a pilgrimage to Shelly’s Shoes in The Kings Road to buy mine. Back then they took about a month to break in, I can attest they are softer now, or at least they certainly don’t give so many blisters as they did in those days! Another couple of winter tips for you, buy mens knitwear. More roomy for layers, some great designs. If it’s really cold get yourself one of these Uniqlo light down vests to wear under your coat. it gives an amazing extra layer of warmth without too much bulk. Perfect.

1. M&S Mens Cosy Fairisle Sweater 
2. Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Vest 
3. Cos Elastic Waist Wool Trousers 
4. New Look Brown Check Coat 
5. Dr Martens Shearling Lined Boots 


You know I say that almost every week there is always one item I write about on the blog that I end up buying? Well this weeks winner is these beige Suede Hiking boots from Mango. A great alternative to black I think. Would be perfect with jeans. Make sure your jeans are either cropped or turn ups so you can show them off. I also LOVE the colour of this Arket Cashmere jumper. I’m a little obsessed with Arket right now.

1. Levis 501 Crop Rebel Jeans 
2. Arket Blue Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper 
3. Mango Lace up Suede Boots 
4. Sandro Blue Check Wool Coat 


Finally, if you want super winter warmth from your boots, go for something lined with sheepskin. I got the Ganni Edna boots last year and they were an absolute godsend when we had all that snow back in March. I think they are also all sold out now, but if you can find any, I highly recommend. Alternatively look to Ugg. Not the slipper boots, they’ve moved into real outdoor shoes now. These ones look SO comfortable. I’m all about comfort in the winter. Stylish comfort though you understand.

1. Mango Jacquard Wool Jumper 
2. APC Demi Lune Leather Bag 
3. M&S Mid Rise Straight Leg Jeans 
4. The Outnet Re/Done printed T Shirt 
5. Ugg Cali Moc Trail Classic Boot 

I hope there’s something here for everyone. Will you be buying into this trend?

K x

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