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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Sweater Weather

Over the past couple of posts I’ve covered your Autumn/ Winter boots and coats, It makes sense then to move on to knitwear this week. I’m nothing if not predictable. It’s definitely feeling like sweater weather is upon us. I do like those days when it’s the exact right temperature, around 15–16 degrees, with no rain forecast, when you can just rock a jumper and not have to cover it with a jacket. Those days are perfect for a special piece of knitwear. Slogans, Prints, Cashmere or even a traditional Fair Isle. I’ve found quite a few that I love. Some that I have already purchased. Again, I am nothing if not predictable and this blog does tend serve as my own mood board for items I already have in my wardrobe a lot of the time. So, let’s have a look at some outfits…


Grey jumpers are one of my repeat buys. Every single year. Can’t help myself. I saw this grey Rails Lightening Bolt Jumper on The Dressing Room St Albans Instagram page last week. Fell in love instantly, bought it within about 4 days. (they have 10% off first orders by the way, I always seek out a discount if I can) Yes, I do have a thing for grey jumpers, but I don’t have one this shape or with flashes on, so it felt right. I plan to wear with black skinnies and boots this week. I’m on the hunt for the perfect white T‑shirt too, something not quite plain but with a simple design. This one by Baukjen might just fit the bill.

Rails Lightning Bolt Sweater

1. Rails Grey Lighting Bolt Knitted Sweater 
2. Jerome Dreyfuss Leather and Suede Bag 
3. H&M Slim Mom Jeans 
4. Baukjen Belle T Shirt 
5. & Other Stories Low Black Cowboy Boots 


The classic navy cashmere sweater is one you should all own. I love Navy jumpers, they go with pretty much everything. Quality is key here, but you don’t need to spend hundreds on your plain navy cashmere. This one is from & Other Stories and has nice high neck and a boxy fit, but don’t be afraid to check out the mens department for these too if you want a looser fit. M&S do a great one. Throw over a dress or a skirt and add some fugly trainers. I know they are not for everyone, but I’m kind of loving them right now.

Navy Cashmere Sweater1. & Other Stories Relaxed Fit Cashmere Jumper
2. Top Shop Panther Cross Body Bag 
3. Ganni Blue Floral Wrap Skirt 
4. Top Shop Chunky Corduroy Bomber Jacket 
5. Isabel Marant Kinsey Chunky Trainers 


If you want your knitwear to say more then why not go for a slogan sweater? I bought this Orwell & Austen one (they also have a decent discount on first time purchases) just before the summer. It’s been too hot to wear it much since so I’m looking forward to a chill in the air to bring it out once more. I like the idea of pairing it with this beaut red corduroy skirt from & Other Stories.

Orwell and Austen Love Sweater

1. Orwell & Austen Cashmere Love Sweater 
2. H&M Fitted Baseball Top 
3. & Other Stories Front Slit Red Corduroy Skirt 
4. Ganni Fairmont Leopard Print Bag 
5. Arket Warrior Canvas and Leather Trainers 


For once I’m not talking abut leopard print. This time it’s actual animals. There are two tiger sweaters that I love, one is this one from M.i.h that I saw in Liberty the other week. It’s a bit beyond my current price limit unfortunately so I searched around to find a cheaper alternative. Found this great one by Emily & Fin for about a quarter of the price. I’d pair with classic navy trousers from Cos, they do the best trousers in there. If you still hanker after  bit of leopard in your outfit, why not add a pair of these Dune loafers?

Tiger Sweater

1. M&S Textured Open Front Coat
2. Emily & Fin Navy Tiger Jumper 
3. Dune Leopard Print Loafers 
4. Cos Tailored Pleat Front Trousers 


Last winter I went on a fruitless search for a Fair Isle sweater. I found ones that were almost right, but I never ended up finding the perfect one. One that was not too thick, not too itchy, not too cheap and not too acrylic. Maybe this one from Boden will fit the bill. I already have these corduroy culottes, Cos again, told you they make the best trousers.

The Sandro Trainers are also in my wardrobe. I bought them about 6 months ago and wore them without a proper sock. Cut my heels to shreds, so I got really cross and put them back in their box, out of sight and out of mind. But I remembered this week how much I do love them, so have persevered and now wear with short socks. Work a treat! Moral of the story is persevere with things you love, and don’t be afraid of socks…

boden fair isle sweater, sandro flame trainers

1. Boden Agnes Fair Isle Jumper 
2. H&M Brushed Weave Knee Length Coat 
3. Cos Wide Leg Corduroy Trousers 
4. Sandro Flame Sneakers 

What’s your favourite knitwear style? I also love a cardi, maybe we’ll do them next week, or corduroy, I’m a little obsessed with corduroy this Autumn…

K x

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