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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Sturdy Spring Sandals

Firstly, apologies for the website being down for most of this week. I don’t know why that happened, but fingers crossed my IT man (disgruntled husband) has it all fixed now. This week was also the first time this year that I got my toes out in a pair of sturdy sandals. We could call them fugly sandals, we could call them Dad sandals, ‘Dandals’ if you please. But for now let’s just stick with ‘Sturdy’ as it covers all bases.

At this time of year, when it’s not quite summer, when you don’t know for sure that the weather will play ball, you need a more substantial sandal. I mean, it could be sunny when you step out of the house and raging monsoon by the time you get home and a flimsy bit of leather or (god forbid) a flip flop won’t keep you safe. You need something with a decent sole and straps that will hold you in. Have you ever tried walking in flip flops when it’s raining? It’s a dangerous game and one I don’t want you to play.

Now, I know this style of footwear won’t be for everyone. If you’re a girly girl you should maybe look away now. Personally I have had to cast aside images of my father-in-law in his Teva sandals and all-weather shorts. These kind of sandals are not just for septuagenarian men who like to walk to Birmingham from our house in London using just the Grand Union canal towpath (true story), these sandals are for cool, middle aged, slightly lumpy ladies like myself too. Let me show you what I’m talking about and how to wear them…


sturdy spring sandals

I’ve been searching for weeks for a really good pair of beige chino-type trousers. I know, I should really get out more. So far my search has been fruitless, but I just found and ordered this pair from J Crew. Fingers crossed they turn out OK. J Crew do tend to do good trousers, so my hopes are high. I want them specifically to wear with a pair of chunky sandals, white shirt and my old denim jacket. I’ll keep you posted…

j crew trousers sturdy sandals

1. M&S Oversized Button Detail Shirt 
2. Mango Vintage Wash Denim Jacket 
3. J Crew Wide Leg Cropped Trousers 
4. Cos Versatile Leather Shopper
5. Dune Tan Leather Flatform Sandals 


sturdy spring sandals

This is one for you lot rather than me. I can’t wear a strappy dress due to my very old, and really quite bad, tattooed upper arms. The 90’s have a lot to answer for. Big black tribal style tattoos for one. I am currently considering laser removal. Have any of you done that? Does is actually work? I love tattoos though. I might just get them faded and then covered with something I have actually thought about. Instead of going into the tattoo parlour, looking at the board and saying, “I’ll have that one”.  Anyway, for those of you who can show your arms off, these dresses are beauts…

dr martens sandals

1. Cos Voluminous Shape Cotton Dress
2. J Crew Tiered Stripe Maxi Dress
3. Dr Martens Leather Gryphon Sandals 
4. M&S Leather Flatform Sandals 


sturdy spring sandals

Now this really is me. I have almost this exact outfit already. These ASOS faux leather (or vegan as we like to call it these days) are great. I wore them all day on Thursday, walked over 8000 steps, zero blisters and no sweaty feet either. Although it wasn’t a blazing hot day so I can’t really vouch for that too much. I have a slight addiction to Anine Bing sweatshirts. 3 and counting. If you do decide to get one, size down as they come up big.

dad sandals anine bing serpent sweatshirt

1. Next Leopard Print Leather Camera Bag
2. Maje Cotton Printed T Shirt 
3. Anine BIng Serpent Sweatshirt 
4. Topshop Washed Black Editor Jeans 
5. ASOS Forbidden Chunky Faux Leather Sandals 


sturdy spring sandals

I find footwear tricky when it comes to midi skirts. Boots don’t quite work sometimes and flimsy shoes don’t balance out the volume if you’re going for a classic A line skirt. A Sturdy Sandal could be the answer. I love this Kin japanese inspired one. They also make it in a dress version. It looks so much more expensive and designer than John Lewis. if you’re looking for a decently priced, very useful, all-rounder leather bag for the summer, then may I recommend the Sezane Farrow bucket bag. I bought it in Tan last summer and used it a lot. Deceptively roomy too.

sturdy sandals and midi skirt

  1. M&S Drape Short Sleeve T Shirt
    2. Sezane Leather Farrow Bucket Bag 
    3. Kin Senji Printed Staggered Skirt 
    4. Mango Chest Pocket Soft Shirt Jacket 
    5. Whistles Kali 2 Part Leather Sandals 


sturdy spring sandals

Finally the classic sandals and blue jeans. If you haven’t got the River Island Jeans (why not?) Then these H&M ones are a very similar style for a cheaper price. Why not team your jeans with a printed short sleeve shirt and Teva sandals? I love this & Other Stories shirt, but if you do like this sort of style shirt, try the men’s section in TKMaxx. They have a tons of them, most are less than £15 too. TKMaxx is a bit like Ikea, you go in for one thing and come out with a shit load of stuff you really didn’t.

sturdy sandals and jeans

 1.  & Other Stories Candy Print Button Up Shirt
2. Kirstie Le Marque Diamond and Malachite Necklace 
3. H&M Straight High Ankle Jeans 
4. Whistles Utility Cropped Jacket 
5. Teva Universal Flatform Sandals 

Thanks for reading as always. I’m going to try and work on an email newsletter soon.  Once I get my disgruntled IT man to show me how to do it.

K x

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