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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in such a funk this week. I hate to mention the weather again, but having no sun for four days in a row just makes me cross. I’m beginning to wish we had thrown caution to the wind with a foreign holiday after all. I love the UK, but I also love warmth and sunshine, two things that have been seriously lacking this summer. To add to that, I have a ton of things I need to sort out but keep getting through each day not having achieved any of them. Also the news… ever depressing. AND the old cat finally shuffled her mortal coil. I knew it was coming but that didn’t stop me sobbing in the car park at the vets.

BUT I shall not whinge. Well, not much. There’s a lot to be thankful for. I recently discovered that crémant is actually just as good as champagne but is half the price. There’s a new series of ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ coming next month. Football is back, and corduroy season is almost upon us. This week there’s no real theme here, it’s just six late summer looks that I would gladly wear over the next few weeks. I hope it gives you a bit of inspiration too. 


cashmere jumper by Khaite — sadly last season, but we wouldn’t have been able to afford it anyway so…

I realise I do tend to include a stripe option almost every week. Apologies if you’re not into them, but I can’t help being drawn to them all the time. I spotted this one in & Other Stories and it was crying out to be featured, especially as it goes so well with my Kin trousers that are back in stock at John Lewis again. Also, honourable mention to Boden who have just launched a fine selection of trainers. Not something I thought I’d hear myself saying about Boden, but whoever is designing their footwear has stepped up their game recently. These high tops really are a bit of me.

six late summer looks

1. & Other Stories breton stripe sweater 
2. M hulot Loe leather bum bag 
3. Hush Cali cotton slub t‑shirt
4. Kin cotton blend balloon trousers 
5. Boden Heather hi-top trainers 


Jessica Alba rocking the cardi over dress.

I know it can be a bit ‘Nana’, but the end of the summer calls for a cardi over your comfy dress. Hoicking your bosoms up and peering over next door’s fence for a gossip à la Les Dawson is an optional extra. All cardigans are good cardigans, apart from a waterfall one. Step away from the waterfall please. There’s no place for that kind of thing around here. I’d put them in the same basket as Crocs, bootleg jeans, trousers with no back pockets and anything ‘ribbed’. A basket that should be locked up for all eternity. Although I know I’m fighting a losing battle when it comes to Crocs. They are even wearing them on ‘Love Island’ now.

six late summer looks

1. Kin long sleeve drop waist jersey dress
2. & Other Stories oversized colour block cardigan 
3. Barbour check knit cardigan 
4. Shoe the Bear Rebel chelsea boots 


Outfit by Bellerose. UK stockists include, The Mercantile, Biscuit Clothing and Collen & Clare.

Lazy Sunday? Hanging around the house? Maybe a walk to the pub for a Sunday lunch? Don’t want anything restrictive around the waistline? Get the dungarees out. Jazz them up with a nice blouse underneath. This is fast becoming my go-to weekend look. If I’m honest, most of the week too. I think the only thing I miss about going into an office for work is having a reason to wear less casual clothes. Although, to be frank, most people in my former office were 20 years younger than me and wore tracksuits, so I never needed to be smart. I certainly don’t miss feeling like a pointless old person, that’s for sure. In the music business, as a woman, once you get past 45 you are often marked down as over the hill. I jumped ship to go freelance before they packed me off and I couldn’t be happier about it. Don’t let anyone tell you you are too old. Especially for dungarees…

six late summer looks

1. Hush Zinnia frilled shirt 
2. New Look relaxed fit dungarees
3. River Island heart detail chunky knit cardigan 
4. Zero Cent Cinq opal trainers 


Tapered jeans are this year’s straight legs. Mark my words. They are sometimes called ‘balloon’ and ‘barrel’ leg too. Kind of a looser version of the ‘Mom’ jeans. Are you keeping up at the back? So many variations on a theme, it’s like a denim minefield out there. My favourites in this style are the Cos Tapered Jeans and the Whistles barrel leg jeans. I’d say go for your regular waist size in Cos but go up one size in the Whistles pair.

six late summer looks 1. Whistles Rik Rak collar detail top
2. Vintage gold bracelets from Sobelle Jewellery 
3. Ami embroidered logo sweatshirt 
4. Levis barrel leg ankle crop jeans
5. Flamingos Life retro trainers 


Jacket by Toteme

I’m a BIG fan of the Uniqlo ultralight down jackets. They are the absolute perfect layering item. In this house we all have one of the sleeveless compact vests as they are so good for just putting in your bag in case you get chilly at the football/pub garden/any other outdoor activity you might have planned. They pack down into a teeny tiny bag but generate a really good amount of warmth when you need it. This season Uniqlo have brought it out in a quilted jacket and a coat, which I love. Honestly, if you haven’t tried one of these jackets, you really should.

six late summer looks

1. Warehouse check frill gingham blouse 
2. Hvisk Cayman vegan shiny strap bag 
3. Uniqlo ultra light down relaxed coat 
4. Hush Agnes washed black jeans 
5. Hush Fairford leather lace up boots 


Thomas Frank and Woody after last week's match against Arsenal
Thomas Frank and Woody after last week’s match against Arsenal

This one is just an excuse to show you this photo. It sums up everything that football is about for me. Forget the shirtless thugs sticking flares up their arses at the Euros. There’s WAY more to it than that. To support your local team, get the bus there every home game with your sons. See them go from League One to the Championship and on to the Premier League and then WIN that first home game with the fans back at the new stadium. That was quite something.

This little lad is called Woody. He’s eight years old, he has Down’s syndrome and has been a regular at Brentford for the past few years. He lost his hair during the pandemic because of the stress. Woody just couldn’t understand why he wasn’t allowed to go to the matches he loved so much; he thought he was being punished for something. For him to be back there was the most special thing ever. Thomas Frank (Brentford’s head coach for the uninitiated) spotted him in the crowd after the match and rushed over to celebrate the win with him. If this photo doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, then nothing will. Thomas Frank also looks cool. He wears Vejas and nice trousers. We love him so much we named our dog after him…

six late summer looks

1. Whistles Soki chambray shirt 
2. Uniqlo mens cashmere crew neck sweater 
3. Cos pleated tapered navy trousers 
4. & Other Stories striped ankle socks 
5. Veja Campo textured leather trainers 

I hope you have a good week. We’re in Northumberland. I have booked a pub lunch for every single day so it doesn’t matter what the weather does.

K x

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