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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


Shorts. Not everyone’s favourite item of clothing. Not easy to find a pair that are right. Not easy to pull off past 30. You might be right, but I think there is a pair out there for you if you look hard enough. Plus, shorts are THE thing right now. If 11 men wearing shorts can get England through to the semi-finals of the World Cup, then you can wear a pair to the park! (Yes, I know that’s a tenuous link…) As I mentioned last week, shorts are not for everyday office wear and you also might not wear them to a nice brunch with your ladies, but for weekends, for bike rides, and most importantly for holidays, you are going to need a pair. This heat wave also shows no signs of stopping, so even if you are stopping home in the UK this summer you’re going to need to get yourself some shorts.

I’m obviously not talking really short shorts here, or ‘Love Island Shorts’. You know the ones that are so high cut you need a full-on brazilian wax to wear. I’m thinking that none of us are really in the market for that these days. What we need is something looser, something longer, but not too long as long shorts don’t really do anyone any favours either. Nothing tight, but then again nothing too baggy. I’m telling you buying shorts in a minefield! I’ve taken some of the hard work away for you and narrowed it down to a few different styles that could work. Don’t get cross if I haven’t found your perfect pair of shorts for you though! I know everyone has different tastes and body shapes.


First off, if you’re going to do denim cut-offs, then make your own. You really don’t need to spend money on buying them. Just get a pair of old jeans, ideally a ‘boyfriend’ style pair and they are best shape to make into shorts. In fact, if you can, just use your boyfriends actual jeans. Get a pair of kitchen scissors and roughly chop off your desired amount, then wash them before wearing and for extra frayed edges pop in the tumble drier. Perfect.

But if you want a less home-made version then try these ones from Boden. They come in 4 different lengths which is very helpful. Throw over your swimming costume, which should be the ‘Santorini’, also from Boden. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I bought A LOT of costumes before my holiday in April. This was the only one I kept. I would go so far as to say it’s actually flattering. I also think it would suit all shapes and sizes. Highly recommended.

1. J Crew Summer Fridays T Shirt 
2. Boden Navy Santorini Swimsuit 
3. Boden Karin Mid Vintage Denim Shorts 
4. Stradivarius Bold Stripe Shopper Bag
5. Adidas Navy Rubber Sliders 


Maybe a bit safe, read VERY safe but sometimes safe is a good option, especially with an item of clothing you feel a bit wary of. Chino shorts should be made from a decent cotton and should be reasonably structured. I would go for a classic black pair and wear with bright colours, a fruity top? yes please, the perfect holiday sightseeing outfit…

1. & Other Stories Citrus Print Wrap Top 
2. The Outnet Balenciaga Sunglasses 
3. Next Cotton Blend Twill Shorts 
4. On The Rise Sunshine Sweatshirt 
5. The Outnet Ganni Leather Trainers 
6. Topshop Circle Straw Bag 


A bolder choice for the more adventurous shorts-wearers amongst you. You could even go all-out and match your shirt to your shorts! people might think you are one of those people who can’t be bothered to get out of their pyjamas during the day, but you will know better. If that’s step too far then tone down your loud shorts with a black T‑shirt and a pair of trusty Birkenstocks.

1. Urban Outfitters Red Oversized Heart Sunglasses 
2. & Other Stories Abstract Leopard Print Cotton Shirt 
3. & Other Stories Abstract Leopard Print Shorts 
4. The Outnet Zoe Karssen T Shirt 
5. Birkenstock Arizona Two Strap Sandals 


Maybe these can be perceived as bit old lady, but I’m fine with that. Team them up with a loose hippie style top — love this one from Monsoon, it looks like a ‘70’s original — and a string bag, this summers must-have bag, mark my words! Add a pair of leopard print sandals, I have these Topshop ones in tan leather and they are THE MOST comfortable sandals, no toe rub, no blisters, nothing, and all for £18!

1. Mango Contrast Print Blouse 
2. Rayban Wayfarers in Leopard and Red 
3. Topshop Benny String Shopper Bag 
4. White Stuff Anna Linen Shorts 
5. Topshop Leopard Strappy Sandals 

Long may this heat wave continue I say. Get those legs out! My summer dress collection is getting out of control though. There are 2 dresses I am the most happy with. This one from Free People that I mentioned last week — super flattering and true to size. then there’s my (more expensive) Ganni dress, that is so good at hiding the mum tum — you have to wear a slip under as  the skirt wrap part has a tendency to flap open — but it’s such a great shape, I just love it and I am already imagining wearing it in the winter with opaques and a polo neck underneath, although that feels like a long way off in this heat!

Until next week, enjoy the sunshine in your shorts and fingers crossed for Wednesday… is it coming home?

K x

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