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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...


I had an email from a lady called Julie the other week, she has literally just given birth and is already thinking about what to wear now. I like your priorities Julie. A woman after my own heart! She was specifically looking for clothes that look good, are not like a tent and that you can breastfeed in. The High Street is the preferred option and no high neck shell tops please!

Well Julie, I have to admit that I was crap at breastfeeding and gave it up pretty quickly. It’s a hard thing to deal with in these earth-mother times, but not everyone can get on with it and there should be no shame in that. I also have to state that the last time I was post-partum was over 10 years ago so I’m drawing on some pretty vague memories here! But I do think there are essentially three good options available to a new breast-feeding mother that I will get to in a minute but first and foremost you will need a few good maternity vests. They are nice and long and very stretchy so they work for covering a bump and, post-birth, for covering a jelly belly. I still use my old H&M ones now! If you don’t already have any then get some here and here. Now the three top style I would recommend would be as follows…


A nice wide bottomed loose fit top that you can lift up and pop the baby underneath. If you also wear your nursing vest you can just pull that down to access boobage and no-one has to see your mum-tum, which, to be honest, I was more concerned about the public seeing than the actual boobs. Luckily these types of peasant tops are bang in this season, so there’s plenty to chose from, here’s a selection…


This time you’d just unbutton and slip the baby inside, no worries about a belly hang here too, which is good. Go for a size or two up and one that isn’t fitted. Again, a lot around right now, so here’s my picks…


No fiddly buttons here, just pull aside and latch on. Possibly the easiest access of them all. Not as much choice but I’ve found a few…

Of course you can go to maternity specific shops, but after 6 months of wearing that kind of thing you’ve probably had enough. Don’t ditch the maternity jeans just yet though. Give yourself some time and room to breathe! if it took you 9 months to grow a baby, it should take 9 months (minimum) to get back into some kind of shape…

K x

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