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I spent it all on clothes by the looks of things...

Men’s Summer Style

My husband actually bought himself some new clothes last week. Without my help, and no, it wasn’t Crocs! Wonders will never cease. He still needs a haircut though, but I have to be thankful things are moving in the right direction and not be a nag. This got me thinking about doing another men’s summer style post, so here we are. I know I only have about 4 male readers, Hello JP, Dan, Dad and Murray, but maybe you can use this as a little bit of inspiration for Fathers Day/ Birthday/ Smarten-up-you-fool gifts for the man in your life.

If nothing else, you can look at the photos I’ve found of men I heart. I mean, the young Paul Newman was such a dreamboat. Sorry no Styles this time, I went with the more mature man to illustrate this one. If you want HS Style, then there was a full post on him here. So, let’s crack on. This is basically what I would wear if I was a man about town, hopefully some actual men will like it too.


There is just something about a classic pale blue button-down shirt that looks so great on everyone in the summer. I feel like it just works with all skin tones. Roll up the sleeves, always. Go for the Redford vibes with Connell’s chain. I watched ‘The Way We Were’ again the other week. That is peak Redford with the added bonus of Babs. We love Babs.

1. Reiss Greenwich Blue Cotton Shirt
2. Persol Tortoiseshell Acetate Sunglasses 
3. River Island Stone Bomber Jacket
4. It’s All Good Folk Cotton Trousers
5. Common Projects Retro Leather Trainers


Paul Newman with puppies! Be still my beating heart. I’m not sure Newman would rock a bucket hat, but I feel like it’s a bit more suitable for shielding the sun than a baseball cap if you were to actually find yourself on a beach anytime soon. If not, this look would work just as well in the town. I do love a ‘resort’ shirt. I only recently found out that’s what they call this kind of open neck, loose fitting short sleeved shirt. If only we could all go to an actual resort to wear one.

1. YMC Printed Cotton Silk Short Sleeve Shirt 
2. Arket Cotton Bucket Hat 
3. Cos Relaxed Fit Cotton T Shirt 
4. H&M Regular Fit Sweatshirt Shorts 
5. Arket Cotton Twill Trainers


The perennial classic summer look for any discerning gentleman about town. If you want to elevate the look, go with a cheeky designer shirt and a pair of Grenson trainers. But really, you could buy the whole lot from H&M and still look good. I do find that the men I know tend to be quite considered with their purchases and would rather buy one really good white shirt than 3 ‘just OK’ ones. That’s how I try and shop these days too. My ‘Magpie’ tendency does get in the way sometimes though.

1. Comme Des Garcons Heart Logo Patch Shirt 
2. Ally Capellino Wax Cotton Backpack 
3, Carhartt Wesley Cotton Jacket 
4. Uniform Bridge Cotton Fatigue Trousers
5. Grenson Sneaker 22B


Oh James Dean… Were you even a teeanger in the mid ’80s if you didn’t have posters of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe on your bedroom walls? It really was a thing wasn’t it? But by god he was cool. So cool. Would he wear a bumbag? Probably not, but my boys say they are cool worn across the body if you haven’t got enough pockets for your phone, wallet, sunglasses and keys. Men don’t really ‘do’ bags do they?

1. Cos Regular Fit Stripe T Shirt 
2. KWay Zipped Bum Bag 
3. John Lewis Cotton Linen Shirt 
4. Arket Cotton Linen Drawstring Shorts 
5. New Balance 237 Trainers 


Brad. He will never not be a dreamboat. He ages like a fine wine. I could see him wearing this outfit below. But I could also see this on Ferris Bueller. Let’s call it ‘classic casual chic’. Can you call men chic? It’s the Ray Ban Wayfarers that do it for me. Surely they are a must for everyone. I have had mine for 9 years now and they are still going strong.

1. APC Logo T Shirt 
2. Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses 
3. Ami De Coeur Black Heart Sweatshirt 
4. Mango Cotton Jogger Style Trousers 
5. Converse One Star Claret Hi Tops 

I hope there was some things here for you or your man. I will be back on Sunday with ‘My 15 Piece Summer Capsule Wardrobe’. See you then.

K x

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